New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Welcome to the new look
Wave Without A Shore

It’s a work in progress but everything should work now


Yard and fishies.

My tiny camera doesn't take great pix, but Jane has some, and between us we have pix that aren't hazy. This is, fwiw, the view from my workstation, and the quince is in bloom. THe shiny patch is reflection of light on the water. I have a great window. This is going on...

There are fishes!

It's been a long day---doc's appt at 8 am, they sent my prescription to the old pharmacy, not the new one, and we are about to track that down---ear problems. Being dizzy for two months is a pita. But the great news is, we have 6 koi. They're about 3" long in the body...

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I got about 15 'joins' last night, many with unlikely names, most from Russia, and not a personal letter to me in the lot, I'm sure. I did some clean-out of the approval queue last night and if you're a real person and got 'denied' write to me...otherwise I have to...

Ghosts in the pond…

I've seen them. Tricks of the water and the light that make me, from the corner of my eye, think I've seen one of our lost koi. because they were always part of my field of view from my workstation. The water is warm now, and Jane and I worked yesterday at installing...

First actually warm day we’ve had: we gardened…

And came in sweaty, overheated, and worn out. The messy trellis by the lotus pond had to go. The espaliered apple had broken out in vertical shoots, and I trimmed those and took down the clematis vines that will now have to grow up the trellis we're installing. The...

The ecosphere egg…

When we moved out of OKC and gave up all the tanks, I missed them---so for my birthday in 2000, I got a little ecosphere egg with five little shrimp in it. And a twiggy branch. It's a sealed system. It's got algae, bacteria, and some tiny, tiny shrimp that live in a...

We have a new tree.

I'll try to get a picture of it. It's an Emperor One Japanese Maple, a nice tall one, pretty red leaves. There's a little worry about sun exposure with this tree---they don't like it hot or bright, but we have those tall evergreens and some other trees about it, and a...

Quick! what’s the name of the Kadagidi manor house?

It was in the book with the kids' visit to Tirnamardi. I forgot to enter it in the Little Black Book. It was where Aseida lived. And by that you know that Jane is doing a pass through the Hinder Stars and I'm outlining basic setup for another Bren book. I can't tell...

A walk through the garden

Spring is springing forth, and the pond has water. It's not as crystalline as we like but it's alive, in the sense that the biological filtration is proceeding, and when it has fish, it will be good. The chemistry is good. The weeping cherry is going strong. You may...

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