New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Welcome to the new look
Wave Without A Shore

It’s a work in progress but everything should work now


Machigi and his deal with the dowager

I know there is a sea link in the deal, and I know that there is a deal to allow some of the guilds in the Taisigin Marid---but is there mention of a railroad? What IS in the agreement?

We still have 28 applying to the blog, but no letter to me!!!!

I've booted the ones from known bot sources, and I have 28 sign-ups left that have some aura of legitimacy. If you have signed up but have not personally sent me a 'hi there, I'm not a robot' letter via my e-mail up there ^^^ (yes, it is: look) are not in yet....

Picking out stuff for the kitchen

We have picked the cabinets---kind of redwood stained; we have, after 3 samples, picked the flooring, a charcoal slate with colored bits, like metal stain; black countertop with copper bits; we have our carpenter; and we have saved for this for the last several years,...


...was one of those days. Living on a corner has its moments: we face a cross street and there is a major city arterial running past our west side that never stops: it serves the Maple Street Bridge; and of bridges that cross the river, there is the Monroe Street, the...

First day I’ve been able to look out the window and see fishes…

It's been so cold that fishy brains have been on hiatus. They get instinctive and spooky when their system is on the edge of winter sleep, and our weather has been that cold. The brain is a very energy-hungry part of the body, and it goes on holiday when the fishes...

The kitchen

The carpenter talk went well. We like this guy, and he can do big jobs or little jobs, which is a good thing. Jane and I have skills, but we have reached that stage in life that makes crawling under cabinets and hefting heavy objects up at awkward angles involving...

Generally doing a lot better.

Wearing astigmatic correction glasses has helped a lot. Been gardening---time for the iris to be whacked down to 6", so we can see other nice things in the gardens, and I pretty well filled the big green recycling bin all by myself. Jane's been shoveling gravel and...

Love is—

We have lousy hot water delivery. I frequently turn on the bathroom sink hot water to get hot water in the kitchen (we are going to install an auxiliary water heater in the coming kitchen revision)---and sometimes if you want a hot bath. I most always shower. But I...

We have, btw, gotten two more fishes…

Sanzo, who is a lot like Goku---there are pix, but we'll have to get more organized. And, officially, Maddy ii, a platinum butterfly fin. We've been worried because the fishes are so spooky and don't seem to be eating much, though we've had temperatures more like...

Went to the doc…

ENT guy swears it's not the ears, or if it is, it's probably neurological...etc. OTOH on the way home, after thinking about a statement he made that the bilateral brain does rely on having input from senses in some sort of agreement...I began thinking about the time...


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CJ making final editing pass.

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Alliance Rising

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Alliance-Union History

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