Alliance-Union Guidebook

contributors CJ, Ragi-at-Heart,



  1. sleo

    I’m rereading the Faded Sun and am wondering which other books in the AU universe the mri appear? I’ve been searching but am flummoxed!

    • sleo

      Thanks CJ. I was thinking I’d heard of them before reading this. It’s one of my favorites and was delighted when I saw it in audio! Snapped it right up.

  2. michael.j.lacey

    What do the downers look like? I know they have soft, fine fur and that the females don’t show much when they’re expecting – anything else? Fan art? Concept art?

  3. Levanah10

    Now that Alliance Rising is out, is there a timeframe for releasing the (updated) “Alliance-Union History” on Closed Circle?

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