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August 2014
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The AC went out. :(

Woke up this morning, and the thermostat was saying 78, the outdoor compressor installation was hot and its fan wasn’t going; the vents were blowing warm air…

And it’s a Friday.

And it’s August. Temperature forecast for today, 98 degrees, much the same over the weekend. I don’t function well above 72.

Not happy campers here.

We have called the excellent company which did our heater installation. They are going to get somebody out here today.

I have a small hope this can be fixed with a compressor fan instead of a compressor replacement. But on a Friday?

Arrrgh! Tax report deadline….

…we squeaked in. Or will, when I figure out the state business tax.

Our tax stuff is on a different computer, not the laptops; and we don’t get money in some quarters, so we can forget the date, and we’re always having to count on our fingers (literally—is it January February March April or is it January February March?) to figure when the quarter is (quick, HOW many months in the year? And is the deadline the 15th for the state or the 30th of the month following the quarter or is it the reverse?)

We are not accountants. We are not normally aware what day of the week it is unless it’s trash day; and we don’t know if it’s a weekend, and we don’t know what the date is, and we’re not always sure what month it is; we don’t have a visible clock, for that matter, except on the kitchen appliances, which may or may not be right, and our computers. So when we’re working hard, time gets away from us. And the quarterly reporting cycles—we try to be careful and we try to be on time, but sometimes the notices we sign up for with the state get buried in all the offers for viagra and I don’t always check my e-mail except to weed the junk before it gets epic. We can’t even find the desk surface, at the moment—things we need to file come in, and things we need to create get laid on top of them, and it ends up a multilevel sandwich that has to be sorted, but I’m behind turn-in time on this book and that’s kinda important…

Writing, writing, writing…

This book has been a bear. So much is going on.

New low-carb source: Safeway…

…has their own line. Shepherd’s Pie, good; Cashew chicken: needs spice…etc, and we were both hungry after having same, which is not good. But—there’s also an orange chicken sort of thing. The line has promise.

Raccoons. My neighbor sees ‘em…

It’s possible. I didn’t see any tracks. We also have a new black Persian-type kitteh out and about, so I’m not 100% sure. Jane went out and heard a furious scramble of something large or at least noisy getting over the back fence, where the garage hides it.

I went out and took a cannister of black pepper out and about the pond. We don’t have any coyote urine in stock. Hope this solves it. Meanwhile the pump had blown its hose out again, and I put it back, which requires some gymnastics.

And the new sandals just paid for themselves: while applying the pepper to the pond rim, I reached too far, put my foot wrong at the top of the berm, caught-balance, turned, and had to take a few downhill running steps over the basalt rock rim and onto the concrete, where I fetched up against a patio chair, still standing. My balance has been critically, dangerously lousy for a couple of years, one reason I’m not on the ice, and by golly, with these sandals, I’m rusty at a run like that, but I didn’t fall on the soft dirt or the jagged basalt or face-plant down on the concrete patio. I was surprised all the way down that I was still on my feet.


…was a bit of a haze.

The night before, Jane and I and Lynn blasted numerous waves of undead (Guild Wars 2) and then Lynn, on the East Coast, went off sensibly to bed, while we, on the West, decided to watch a little TV.

Jane and I discovered, on Tivo, the Hell’s Kitchen finale and 2 hours of the Project Runway beginning, plus a new opener of Who Do You Think You Are and a Nova Special on the Australian Silurian.

Well, thank goodness we only watched Hell’s Kitchen and Project Runway, and checked the clock.

I stayed awake way past my witching hour, and once that happened—well, I think I measured my actual sleep Thursday night in 15 minute bursts, about three of them. I did not so much as wake up Friday morning as give up and get up.

I didn’t sleep during the day. I just kept going, but I’m certainly going to re-read everything I wrote during Friday.

That very rarely happens. Thank goodness. I felt like a ton of bricks had landed on me. All day. Come evening, I decided to hold out until actual dark, because I didn’t want to get my hours skewed around.

I am glad to report I slept Friday night.

Big, rough storm just to our north, headed for Idaho.

We’re just getting poured upon, uncommonly heavy rain. Usually here, it just mists.

Jane has some hope of straightening out her computer: software guys are suggesting a power management adjustment. Crossing fingers.

The sandals work.

Arrived yesterday. I’d ordered a size 10, which I wear in some Asian-made shoes; but the 10 was too large. I reordered, to get a size 9. The 9 itself is perhaps a little largish. But it’s comfy. It supports. It casts your weight off the inside edge and doesn’t let your ankles collapse inward.

Last night, after wearing these from 3pm until about 6pm, I found the outsides of my legs were working harder than usual, so much so I decided to take Advil as a precaution against sore muscles.

And by evening I’d have sciatic (leg, hip, lower back) pain so severe I’d have to get up and walk around to make it ease off. At night, I’d frequently have it so bad it was hard to get to sleep.

Last night, no sciatic pain. Today, getting up, no pain.

Sandals cost 60 dollars. Jane’s going to try a pair.

They’re sold by Amazon and Zappos, and they come in women’s, men’s, sandals, heels, and tennies.

I don’t know if the relief will last, but it’s sure good right now.

To check if you have a ‘pronation’ issue, just stand with your feet together and look in a mirror. If your ankles are touching, that’s pronation. That means the arch may be holding up, (my arch is just fine and as high as it ever was) but the whole foot structure is tipping toward the inside, throwing your knees and hips likewise into a bad weight distribution, and causing ‘issues.’

Rain. Thank goodness.

It is drizzling rain, which is the best kind. It’s due to rain most of the week. This is real help for the firefighters.

Jane just spent 3 weeks with her laptop in the shop. HP rebuilt it, sent it back, and now it glitches on some software. An attempt at an AMD driver update brought a black screen (literally) and a host of internet info about people with HP Pavilions of that ilk having exactly this problem with the AMD driver update and no fix for it. So now we have a computer with a problem and the suggested fix (a driver update) gave it a new problem atop the other one, as in, the screen goes black and stays black.

AMD turned out to have a fix, involving apparently not tacking some other piece of software onto the driver update, imagine that! but it isn’t a good fix and doesn’t solve the basic problem with the hardware. At one point she cured the black screen problem, got the regular display back, but after about a minute running, it turned brilliant red, unreadable.

I think she got it back to prior state, but damn! this is maddening.

This is a high-powered machine with a solid state drive and a regular, state of the art stuff, and it’s come back from an overheating issue, and what I suspect was a wonky heatsink, which they replaced—with problems it didn’t have before it was sent in.

It was also sent back wiped, which means endless updating of Windows, and a reinstall of programs and data, which takes forever. A reinstall of the afflicted program gave no joy.

It may go back to HP one more time, because it is not behaving as well as it did before the wonky build nearly killed it, and it is under service policy.

We are not happy with this. They replaced everything but the motherboard and the video, and I think maybe they should have just bitten the bullet and said that overheating had also afflicted those, too.

Blue sky again. A little tinged with smoke, but nothing like the orange…

I’m working on the ending of this book.
I need a clear head.

Pul-eeze. Air. Air would be good.

Yesterday I got some work done with a Benedryl and 2 Sudafed.

I think I am going to have to do the same today. I hate to do it. My stomach hates it.

But breathing brings oxygen to the brain.

I am sooooo allergic to wood smoke.