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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn. Plus, coming soon: e-books: Yvgenie, and books from Jane.



At Miscon 2013, around Memorial Day, Missoula MT, At SoonerCon, in OKC, around June 15, also Spokon in Spokane, in July/August, Beyond that, we aren't sure.
October 2014
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Discussing chirality…and other big words.

Got into an interesting discussion on why life-molecules on Earth are of one chirality (handedness)—and lo! meteorites from elsewhere in the solar system that bring in such molecules are likewise -handed.

Heard anything on this?

Catch-22….as in…bitchy moment…


As in—I have to refrain from aspirin and blood thinners for the next 7 days because of a routine medical test…

As in—all painkillers but Tylenol are in this category.

As in—no amount of Tylenol works at all for me, except to give me an uncomfortable throat—I think I may be allergic to it.

As in—remember that knee I’m recovering from? Thank you, Paula, for the topical ointment…

I’ll be real glad when this is all done and the knee is better.

Meanwhile, I limped downstairs a couple of days ago to adjust some not-working equipment for the tank. This caused the autotopoff to pour fresh water into the system. We have some not-happy critters.

This means I have to trek up and down stairs adjusting the salinity back up where it belongs. Then we have to lift the heavy lid off so one of us can reach in and adjust the very unhappy several-hundred-year-old clam who pitched himself off his ledge and onto the sand where he could be in danger and get trapped….

Ow. Ow. Ow. I need to test the salinity and do the adjusting, and Jane will help me with the lid and the clam.

I want my knee to be all better. Now.

It’s way better than it was, but I have to watch it and walk only on the flat—we walked uphill to visit Joan, and that’s what caused this little setback.

Part of Earth’s Water is Older than the Sun

Amazing thought, but likely so, if you think about it…
Earth’s Water Older…

Sheijicon pix are up…

The Pictures

I have been remiss!

Sorry, folks…these are the drapes.

drapesone drapestwo

I made them wide enough so that the insulated drape tucks in behind. Some of you might recognize the top part of the hangy-down. They are the runners from the wedding! :D

Well enough to start the walking campaign.

So we walked down the block and back. Nothing like several weeks unable to get out of a chair to argue that all the excuses for not exercising are not all that persuasive. I did it, and hope I won’t kick the pain up again. It’s good for me, it’s good for Jane, and on that Costco trip we got two coats with hoods so as long as the ground isn’t icy, we can brave the weather. When it does ice, we have the exercise horse that we can use. I have no desire to spend another several weeks with bursitis. I have nothing to compare it with but one tooth filling without anaesthetic and one broken arm. I’d say it’s about equal.

Plumbers. Got the leak fixed.

Ordinarily WE do it…but when the pipe in question is the house water supply, connected to the city water supply, in our basement—we call the guys with the really big pipe wrenches and the knowledge.

300.00 later we have a new 5 dollar part installed: a ‘bleeder valve’ on our house water line, just before the water meter, had been leaking for a while, but the leak accelerated to create a daily small puddle. This is karma’s advisement that you really need to think about this leak.

It could be worse. The pipe that’s embedded in the cement basement floor is sound. This is always good to know. And the city has probably bestowed a new water meter on us.

One item on the ‘before winter’ agenda taken care of.

6:45 at the lab. Glug.

I swear ultrasound has side effects. I just fairly well collapsed when I got home. Due to that or the fact our sky is going that peculiar shade of not quite a color but verging on brown that indicates Idaho is burning.

I think I’m going to spray some Lysol about and see if that wakes us up.

There’s a remote chance of rain. That would be helpful. We need the rain, too.

Actually got out of the house today…off to Costco.

After breakfast at the waffles place….

I knew I couldn’t go the hike around Costco, so I asked, and indeed there are wheelchairs for loan, so I got one, persuaded Jane I’d be the shopping cart if she’d push, and we whirled around Costco at a speed at which I began to protest whiplash– ;) But it was good. I got to see things, got a few free food samples, Jane got some coconut-covered cashews, and a nice winter jacket, and I got to get out of the four walls I’ve been in since Shejicon ended. Fun!

Got some writing done, too.

And a MOUSE just crawled up the brickwork beside my window—I think the cold is coming. Sei watched it go, with every hunting instinct ih his kitty brain going off. He didn’t know what to do about it, but the Scottish Folds are descended from one Scottish mouser. The mouse climbed down again and left, so he didn’t get into the attic. This is a good thing.

The neighbors who had the two cats that kept our garage mouse free have moved. Alas, we now have no yard-kitties. WE will have to resort to other means to deal with the garage mice. I hate doing them in, but we can’t have them in there chewing up our stuff all winter.

Jane got this new sports energy drink…

She likes it. I’m picking up a flavor that makes me want to down it fast. But…if it’s a good, healthy way to remember the damn vitamins, that’s a good thing. Ook. I drank it before coffee. Now I want a lot of coffee. One thing I don’t think this stuff has is caffeine. Maybe that will help.

Got up at 8:30 after going to bed at 10. Left to my own devices, I’d probably have slept 3 more hours, but I’ve got a 6:45 AM lab appointment Thursday, and I don’t want to oversleep.