…is a known side effect of the type of chemotherapy I was on last year. It’s called peripheral neuropathy and affects hands and feet. Symptoms very from numbness to tingling, hypersensitivity to cold, swelling, pain, prickling, and some impairment of motor function. Even nicer news, it’s damage to circulation and nerves by the chemo, and while it’s pretty sure what causes it, it varies in severity and in duration. In some, it’s lifelong. In some, it partially goes away. In some it goes away. The culprit is the ‘novel platinum analogue’ part of oxaliplatin. But since it saved my life, I’m figuring it’s cheap at the price.

The fact it has highs and lows, good days and bad, indicates to me that there is healing going on—or at least change, and it has been on an upward curve since about December, when it was at its worst and I couldn’t feel the little pills I’m supposed to take for another problem. Now I can. And I can type far more accurately. Cold water is still painful, but I can stand it when I have to, and the swelling in my thumbs and first two fingers has mostly gone. So it is still improving.

That’s what’s delayed getting books done. But Alliance 2 (title uncertain) is underway again, our publisher is endlessly patient and sympathetic, I’ve caught up to where I was when the cancer intervened, and I’m back at work in my work station for hours on end. For those of you new here, I had colon cancer, which threw Jane off her schedule to get 2 hips replaced, while she took care of me (and my biweekly sessions in the chemo lab and two days later getting the inserted line disconnected) until I was through chemo, then a gallbladder attack sent me taking her to the ER clinic at 3 AM in a snowstorm and she ended up having emergency gallbladder removal at 10:30 the following morning. A week before her rescheduled first hip replacement. So that was how we spent OUR 2020. She’s now had her second hip replaced, and I’m recovering nicely, past the tests, and we’re both vaccinated and will be fully-aged-and-immune come this THursday. Yay!

Anyway, yep, I’ve tried 2 editions of Dragon and it still can’t punctuate or paragraph on its own. So I will type while I can poke one key at a time on the keyboard. Jane is doing her final edit on her book, Homecoming Games, before I hand her the half-completed Alliance for HER gothrough and writing of the next scenes in our collaborative effort. Then I’ll take it back, etc, etc.