Ill in January, I bounced through a series of medical appointments which. thanks to one doc and two NP’s, bounced me to a colonoscopy. which found, yes, cancer. I was in surgery within two weeks, on chemo the week after that, and am glad to report I finished chemo in August, underwent a series of tests and scans, and they got it. A second colonoscopy finished up (the earlier problem precluded finishing the pass) and took care of several potential future problems.

So I can now report I’m cancer free, and getting back to work, after 8 brain-fog months in which I couldn’t write, and Jane was busy taking care of me, so she couldn’t write. Now I’m done with treatments, have some lingering issues (chemo can leave you little problems) one of which has been stiffness and pain in hands and feet, but I am onto therapy for that, clear-minded and ready to get back to work.

So I am glad to report both of us are getting back to normal. I had a close call and got away free. I do urge anybody who’s due for a colonoscopy to go see to that, or any other issue that you’ve been delaying for. As for safety in a hospital—with Covid and all—they’re careful. They’re a heckuva lot more careful than most places. And I’ve been spending 4-5 hours every two weeks there feeling safe in the process. Wishing you all the best. I don’t have cancer. Pluperfect—I have HAD cancer and am free of it, by the most delicate and precise scans available. So this has all come to a very good outcome. They’ll be tracking me every 3 months, now, and I’ll be fine.

I’ll also be back at writing. Books will be a little late. But books will happen.