Making progress on the book finally. Not as if we haven’t been trying, but a year and all that surgery and anaesthetic has kind of a scrambling effect, and getting back up to speed, and getting my hands typing again is a biggie!

Thank you for the offer of a hand warmer. That’s very kind. I do have one and it is a help, or was before we had furnace heat right at our doorstep.

Another person who has helped is Patricia Briggs, our distant neighbor and real good friend, who is a doll. We went out to a couple of horse shows (she breeds Arabians) and got out of the house—great fun. Patty writes the Mercy Thompson books, and if you’ve not read her stuff, either the regular fantasy or the Mercy books, you might give them a try. She blessed me with a cold laser, a veterinary thing they use on horses, and you have to know lasers even of this mild grade can be seriously dangerous, but I do know, can use it, and find it helps the neuropathy. So that is a real positive.

This is Jane’s week and mine for doctor appointments, things postponed during 2020, and my followup with my doc, and the endocrinologist (thank you, Grant) who is trying to get me medicated for osteoporosis without screwing up the neuropathy. I think we may be on the right track. I hope so.

Anyway, enough med stuff. The heat wave is past and work is proceeding. We now have 90,000 words of 120,000 word typical length on the Alliance book, and are making steady progress.