Somebody asked me about the five Padi Valley clans: the ones commonly listed are Taiben, Atageini, Ajuri, and Kadagidi—so what is the fortunate fifth? I repeat the answer here: “Dur does function as a fortunate fifth. The real fifth was Sheiji. When an association formed around the negotiations to let a railroad cross clan boundaries, it created the aishidi’tat. Shejidan became the capital of a rapidly more prosperous midlands, and became a neutral entity, claiming a special function. Dur currently, yes, functions as a fortunate fifth, but has held apart from Ajuri politics as if it were a plague carrier. Sheiji has ceased to be any separate lordship, and the Sheiji lord’s bloodline is many times diluted with marriages MOSTLY in the other Padi Valley clans. Viz, Damiri. And Tabini’s Taibeni mother.”