Jane and I took a driving trip to plot the next Alliance book.

We are Scott-less for about 5 more weeks, as he supervises a crew building a barn for someone, and we are taking the chance to put the upper floor together, which necessitates more moving of boxes. We got into the collapsing rolling wardrobes and extracted what we want to keep. I’m being ruthless. We’re both being ruthless. I’m tossing almost everything not currently wearable, not because we’ve given up losing weight, but because love beads just aren’t coming back, eh?

Con tee shirts. We are keeping only one where we have an unwearable pair. The rest will go to the Union Mission people.

We had two super-large storage bins of teeshirts. We now have two useable rolling wardrobes, empty, and it is my dream, me being the one with only one 6′ closet space, to be able to store winter and wear summer, and vice versa. And not to have to shove clothes from one end of the pole to the other to extract one teeshirt.

We have been weeding. Everything is growing like mad.

We had the sprinkling system revised so now things will grow like madder.

But the front yard is looking much better. Now the back—where the pond surrounds have been approaching ‘jungle.’

I see from my working chair that Jane is out there with a load of gravel contemplating the pond filter that needs fill about the edges. Possibly a consultation will be in order, since I am the one who ordinarily handles the filters.