This one is a doozy—not too bad, if you want to hibernate like a bear for 3 days. And maybe a little worse if you have neuropathy from chemotherapy. My hands and feet reacted somewhat painfully, but that was ok, it only lasted while I was too sleepy to function. All better this morning. Who knows? Maybe it will help it, eh?
Had a barely discernible headache. And general stupidity.
Which still lingers. Feeling very much better today, I tackled making coffee. Now, granted this new coffeepot requires filling the carafe as a measure, which I’m not used to (I’ve had a measuring pitcher), but then sticking the carafe full of water into the receiving bay of the ‘maker, pushing the button and dimly thinking ‘is there some kind of siphon by which it gets the water out of the carafe?’ is abysmally dim. (I hastily retrieved the carafe, POURED the water into the top, as with any of that sort of maker, and was rewarded with good coffee.) On the other hand there is hope, since I realized that the weak coffee I had yesterday might (doh!) be due to the fact this is a fourteen cup instead of a twelve cup pot.

And then I followed that mixed performance by taking out the garbage, carefully gathering the recyclables—then putting them into the non-recyclable bin.

It’s that kind of day. I got the shot Thursday night. I Had misplaced my glasses, and became aware of it Friday night. I looked in all the usual places. Saturday night, as I began to come out of the fog, I abruptly remembering taking them off (they’re reading glasses, half-sies, which are kind of like the bottom half of bifocals, but a nuisance when I’m not reading) at the clinic, and putting them in my purse. And there they were.

Followed by my performance this morning with the coffee pot and the garbage. I do not think I should do much editing today.