I’ve been trying to get the Prius in for regular scheduled maintenance since November when the snow came, when I had dental woes, etc.
I’ve known I really need to get my glasses prescription seen to since, well, at least December.
Here it is February and I started the week with an appointment for both.
Especially the glasses, since a lens fell out day before yesterday and I stepped on it. [glass].
We’re also low on groceries.
My third intended stop.
Jane, bless her heart, went out to shovel her way to the garage as I got ready.
I’m in final stage of ready when she comes back in to tell me I’m not going anywhere.
Half a foot of snow and ice have trapped the garage door.
We COULD go out and try to free it.
I decided to move the appointments to Thursday and we’ll have more spaghetti and meatballs and the better wine until I can get to the grocery.