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Who’s Who in Foreigner Books


  1. Hanneke

    Instructions for using the database
    Here is GreenWyvern’s explanation of how to work with the database, collected for future ease of use from the original blog-comments.

    I can create a small custom online database using MySQL and PHP. It will be professional quality and very easy for anyone to use. You will be able to print the list of characters to your printer or download it as a CSV file. I can put it on my own server. The small database will have text areas for more extensive notes and descriptions, and drop-down lists of the books. The interface will be very clean and simple. It can later be moved elsewhere if necessary, and become a permanent online reference.
    I thought about making sub-records to handle more than one major event, but I decided against it because I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible. It can be handled by adding more than one line for a character. I think that CJ is probably more interested in info about minor characters than major ones, anyway.

    Here’s the URL of the who’s who database: http://trackmysoftware.com/cj

    You can view it without signing in. Click on the orange square to start.

    To add or edit records, sign in with:

    User name: bren
    Password: paidhi

    (So much for security!)

    Click on a record to edit it, Click on ‘Add New’ to add a new one. I hope everything else is obvious.

    Extra info:
    You can sort the table by clicking on the column headers. Previous and Next will only do something when there is more than one page of records.

    I’ve disabled deleting records for this log in, to avoid records being deleted by mistake.

    Sorting: Click on the column heading to sort by that column. Click again to sort in reverse order.
    This means that if there are several lines for a character, you can sort by name and they will be together. You can also sort by book, which may be useful, or by the descriptions.

    The ‘Quick Search’ at the top right also works very well – it selects the relevant records and highlights the search term in any column in appears. To cancel the search just clear the box again and press enter.

    I can add more columns if that will be useful.

  2. Hanneke

    Who’s who in Foreigner: @GreenWyvern, can you add Invitations to the list of books to choose from?
    And maybe a sort of sign-in list of the books on the splash page, where people can note which books they’re doing/have done?
    At the moment it’s not clear which books still need to be added.

    I did Foreigner (1) and Deliberations, then I stopped because I didn’t want to monopolise this group effort.
    Someone else (mmberry?) has clearly added the complete book 7, Destroyer.

    Books 2,4, 5 and 6 are mentioned in the column ‘first mentioned’, but with book 7 in the ‘change’ column, so I get the impression that books 1 and 7 are still the only ones fully entered into the who’s who.

    Is anyone else still working on this?

  3. BlueCatShip

    I’ve restarted reading book #03, Inheritor, and I’ll begin taking notes for keywords and entries.

  4. BlueCatShip

    I have begun taking notes on people, places, things, concepts in Foreigner 03: Inheritor, and I will be looking at the Shejidan Wiki and the Foreigner Who’s Who database, to get an idea how and where best to add in these notes.

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