The saga:
1. extensive dental work with 5 courses of Clindamycin, which can just trash your defense against aggressive bugs.
2. by Christmas—ear complaints. Ignored, as, well, it’s winter.
3. late February–worse ear complaints. Ignored, as, well, I’m real busy.
4. March—I nearly fall over when getting up in the morning. I go to the Urgent Care. They say probably it’s age, crystals in my ears, or a virus. Be patient. Wait a month.
5. April. I’m waiting a month. It’s better but not that much better.
6. May—all right, I’m going to the doc. I start looking up my thyroid med as the only ‘what’s unusual’ in my intake. Hmmn, generic began around Christmas. So did the ears, leading to the dizziness. I want my Brand Name back.
May part 2: yes, I have an ear infection, outer ear. Double med: Cipro and something else for fungal infection, faithfully given. Dizziness gets worse. Now I’m hypertensive on both numbers, feeling rotten. More research for drug actions down in the fine print. Brand name thyroid med can cause dizziness. Maybe taking it before the morning blood pressure surge which nature gives us might be better, since blood pressure surge is part of this. Reading further—tra la! Cipro can give you dizziness. Is there ANYTHING that doesn’t give you dizziness? But also—blood pressure out of whack can give you dizziness, and my pulse rate is through the roof. Ciproflocasin is NOT to be taken with coffee. Well, la! I am a 2 pot a day coffee drinker, and nobody mentioned this? It takes 22 hours for the last dose of Cipro to leave your system (I looked that up, too.)
So I was friggin’ worthless yesterday, and my pulse rate and blood pressure were dancing above the roof, and yes, I was dizzy, too.
I drank a shipload of water. I stayed inactive and didn’t push it. I waited. I had five pounds of water weight (overnight acquisition) to shed, which would help the blood pressure situation.
I stopped the ear med. The good news is, the ears seem to be improved. I’ll have to tell the doc on Monday.
This morning—splitting headache. Yep, no caffeine all day will do that to me. I have, oh, joy! caffeinated, and the headache is going, my balance is ever so much better, and the world has stopped gyrating wildly.
I’ll have to have the doc give a final check on the ears to be sure, but if my pulse rate will just continue calming down, we may have beaten this.