Three plumbers over 4 years have said they couldn’t do it. WE think we’ve done it. It took some creative work and in one case manufacturing (via silicone glue and nested pipes) our own adapter, but we have gotten the ‘irreplaceable’ vertically joined elbow (a 3 way with a right angle) out of the works (reminds me of Jordin Kare’s filk about the engineer who designed a part that couldn’t even be cast…)—and routed the tub drain in a gentle horizontal U back to the vertical wastewater (overflow drain) pipe and on to the iron pipe that connects to the main drain. This gets that right-angle turn in the no-longer-manufactured miracle-connector out of the picture and should give us a trouble free (and highly replaceable) connection.

This all started two days ago when poor Jane went to take a relaxing bath, tried to open the drain, and the overflow plate/drain control fell off in her hand leaving a honking great hole in the tub.

It looks so civilized now. If this pipe route works, we’ll have done what several plumbers refused to tackle.