We got him, about a 4″-5″ size, to reassure our really baby koi, who would not come out from under their rocks and eat. Baby koi have a strong self-preservation instinct. And big ones frighten them. But so does no big ones in the pond. So…Goku. Who eats, yes, oh, yes. Kibble is his friend. And true to form, once big brother was there, little brothers and sisters all began to get nerve and eat. I doubt they will catch up with him.

He is a doitsu kin-something, meaning he has those big metal scales on his back, and he is an unusual (to my experience) coppery color. The water he’s in is a little hazy, but we hope he keeps that color of his.

By summer’s end he was about twice this size, fat, and fearless. His crimped side fin has grown out considerably, and he seems quite healthy. For those of you who’ve watched Saiyuki, you know the Goku reference, Monkey, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, a young lad obsessed with eating and possessed of large golden eyes.