And most everything is in except the microwave installation and the vent work.

It’s looking great. Lowes is going to fix everything that’s wrong without charging us anything extra, even taking back the largest cabinet (with no drawers) and giving us one with drawers.

We have done all the trim painting, or Jane has, and we are headed for the finish line. We’re getting cabinet tops somewhere around the 27th of December, and we hope the amended cabinet pieces will get here before the 27th, or that could slip a bit. We are looking at finishing the tile work somewhere before the 15th January, and we only started in September…

It’s looking really good. We’re still missing one drawer front, one kneehole (desk) veneer, the right cabinet with drawers, two doors for the cabinet across the aisle, and we haven’t yet installed the microwave or the toekick plates (baseboard), plus 2 filler strips for places the gap is a fraction of an inch—instead of flush—but we are in good shape. Countertops, sink and faucet install (we have both) and the backsplash tiles, and then a little fix on the food-pantry door frame (which is like an inch out of true) and we wil be DONE!