This is after pulling the cabinets and deciding to put an equipment closet midway to section off the dining area. The walls are now coral in the direction of view, white trim, and will have a grey slate flooring. Cabinets are quiet brown, fittings are ruddy copper, backsplash will be mixed glass tiles, countertop black. We were going to do flooring today, but our faithful carpenter is now starting another job, and needed to be off and took a needed tool with him. [He is really incredibly generous about letting two amateurs use his gear.] We had fallen in love with this gadget and can see future uses. So we ordered one of our own, which is the biggest honking dremel you can manage to hold in both hands. Its virtue is being able to cut a hole in the middle of a panel: a half-moon disk vibrates its way through the wood. Takes a little learning curve to do it without a gash on the corners, but its the most useful thing Dremel ever came up with. We have their little ‘hobby’ kit, which has trouble with balsa wood. This baby can buzz its way through hard floor paneling and cut weird shapes.