So far, so good. One load washed. Squeaky clean, no fuss, no bother, glasses sparkling. The dish-loading is quite different: but we’ll figure it out. They also recommend Finish additive—and when Jane and I thought this over, and thought over the local water, this sounds like a good idea. It’s, for one thing, got a light to tell you you’re out of Finish in the dispenser; and for another—if lime deposit is going onto your dishes, it’s also sticking to surfaces in your pump — We’ve taken apart enough aquarium pumps to know this little item. So…….we are going to meet this machine halfway and get the additive and use it. I will say, glassware sparkles with this stuff.

And it’s sooooooooooooooo nice to know you can clean the filter screen and not have stuff going into the works.

Also—it is 1-2 inches shallower than our GE, which means it actually fits INTO the cabinet, and does not just bare machinery sides out into the kitchen. Our GE looked like heck, and we had to create a fake edge, because this was built in by afterthought—a set of shelves and a drawer removed to accommodate it, and since our George Jetson 1950’s vintage cabinets have a slanting face for the drawers, this means the dishwasher showed machinery on its sides. Now it doesn’t. It gives an actually finished look to the place.

Next year I think the Project is going to be replacing the kitchen floor our old dishwasher ruined…it still has a little raising on its joins…with a nice woodgrain laminate. Jane and I will negotiate — I want maple woodgrain laminate matching our counters, and Jane wants non-matching, because she grew up in the NW and has a reaction against woodsy looks. I understand this intellectually, even if I am quite the opposite. We can always come up with something we both like, and next year—kitchen nirvana!

All this is assuming THIS dishwasher doesn’t leak!