It seems to be easing off, but it’s a real pain. Sort of like having your head stuffed with cotton wool while spinning in one of those astronaut trainers—if you’ve not had the experience, well, it’s like this.

Went to the Urgent Care doc on Monday—he says virus; and went to the endocrinologist on Tuesday—he says the bloodwork is brilliant, best ever—so, well, I suppose I’m fine, but I still can’t drive. Shouldn’t drive. Won’t drive. Nothing I need is worth a crunched fender, a lawsuit and me or somebody else dinged up, so well, Jane is going to have to be the ‘wheels’ for a bit, til this passes.

The star magnolia is breaking into bloom.

The pond is turning algae’d, not the floating stuff but the general green fuzz on the rocks. I’ve sent for a new chemistry kit to be sure of it before we put baby fishes in. In general, don’t trust water that’s too clear and clean: it’s probably not nice for fish.

And I’m trying to work—pretty successfully; but I’m a bit tired, which beats the previous two days on which I did hardly anything but sleep.