The floor is ready to be re-floored. The ceiling is painted except for some cleanup and the bit where Scott (our carpenter) is ready to remove the old vent fan that doesn’t vent; then we are going to install 3-4 recessed lights, and also move the ceiling fan over to center in the dining nook created by the addition (midway) of the broom closet and gadget storage. There will be a light in that, too. We are also asking for a fan light installation in the living room near the fireplace. Jane’s evening spot is in the heart of darkness at that end, and she wants light.

We’re going to CFL floods for the lighting, low power and a lot of light.

Then we finish the walls at least in the kitchen area, and cabinets start happening, sink side first. A vent will have to be cut in the roof, and the microwave and its cabinet installed, then the pot/pan cabinet, the fridge garage, and a cabinet turned into rolling storage—the area near the range is right next the basement stairs, and we want that last cabinet to roll out of the way, if we need to move large things into or out of the basement. The sink side will include a desk and chair, which will also have a counter, and make a work surface for sitdown things such as cookie-creation.

We will not actually have a sink until the cabinets go on: I am getting a hot water tank for undersink, to deliver truly hot water. And then the backsplash will go on, which is combo ceramic and glass tile in copper and grey.