This isn’t the final form Wave will take. This is the ‘workable’ form.
One thing I’m really liking is the effortless blitz of the spammers (I’ve tossed 26 of them with a keypush and admitted two new members who are most welcome here).
The atmosphere here is, well, sort of like your neighborhood pub. I post, but everybody can comment, and we talk about most everything. If you’re missing any of the former features, you can find them in the buttons up top.
But we remain a work in progress. We’ve got help, and we’re not afraid to use it.
It is a real downer with the pond, and I wasn’t worth much yesterday, but now we’re on track with what to do about it, and we’ll just soldier through.

I think we’re on track for a melt pretty well before St. Patrick’s Day, usually the date by which we’ve seen the last of the snow piles, but these ones are apt to stay around for May Day by the size of some.

But when the spring winds and rains come, that thaws things pretty fast.

We’re cleaning up the house—the white kitchen floor is a disgrace (never get a white floor! but we didn’t choose this) with the tracking of mud and ice-melt: it’s just been unavoidable. But we are firmly resolved on minimal conventioning this year, and getting down to business about a garage sale: we condensed two very large houses into one and moved crosscountry with a lot of stuff we thought we might need and didn’t. We’ve moved to two apartments and a house under what you might call emergency conditions—the police swat team coming up over the garden rock-work in front of our windows looking for our neighbors was fairly persuasive on the last move!

The result was chaos. Boxes that haven’t been opened since Oklahoma City. Time to pare down and get rid of them.