From Jane:

We just had this wonderful idea! We were going to set up a table with a “guest book” that Wiishu will man (basically a single sheet of paper :D) and put pics of all our in absentia family on it. Thinking last night of all the people we’d love to have invited and just couldn’t, we had this great idea: pictures!

If you would like to “attend” the wedding just send a nice big image file of your smiling face to authors(at)closed-circle(dot)net. Please put “wedding pic” as the subject and include your full name in the email (along with a message, if you wish). I’ll put them all into a slideshow on the ipad, with your name, and prop the ipad on the table along with Wiishu and the guest sheet!

These can be from any time, any place. Our friendships, like our love, are timeless.