And I have an inner ear infection.

The world rotates independently now and again, without asking me.

Just got back from the doc. They ran all sorts of tests, and it’s, yep, what I thought it was. It’s viral, it’ll run its course in 2-4 weeks, and I’ve had it since last Wednesday. Today it was at its worst, so I canceled the dental appointment and asked Jane to drive me to the clinic—yours truly is not getting behind the wheel, not being a fool.

So I tough this out. Don’t take phenylephedrine, the doc says, bad for the heart. Glug. It was the only thing giving me some relief from this. Concentration tends to be narrow. I can deal with some things. I can even write. But coping with multiple issues while I’m trying to sort up from down is sort of like one of those astronaut tests—can you thread bolts on this bar while you’re spinning…