We only have to get the files copyrighted, and up.

For those who’d like to know. there’s been a little change in Rusalka, a greater change in Chernevog, and a massive change in Yvgenie—in the latter, I’ve rewritten it line by line: nothing’s left untouched.

This is because, well, between multiple parental illnesses, publisher deaths–2–and things too sad to mention—I wasn’t with it.  And then my publishers went into meltdown.

I had a vision of these books—I loved these books. But—at the end, I turned them in as less than they could be because I had to survive. And my publishers at the time—don’t ask. I was very glad just to survive, but then the distributors started into warfare with my books as the centerpiece of their accusations.

Don’t ask. But these are what I wanted them to be.  ‘Nuff said.

If you’ve ever wondered what I meant, if you’ve ever wondered about the ancient world, if you’ve never walked in a forest alone, if you’ve never wished for the impossible, or wondered if it was a good wish—skip these books; otherwise, read these, and think better of me than what you read the last time.

And spread the word among your friends.