Because I can let the kitties out to exercise, they’ve been, well, more active. And to assure I get them back quickly and efficiently, I always give out a small handful of kibble to each (in separate places) —this means when I call, they come running.

Well, and then there’s Shu, our lazybones who chills very easily (Bengal, tropical in origin) —and who didn’t want to go out today because, well, damp. So Sei went out—raced out. Shu u-turned back to the kitchen and has sat warm and dry.

I just noticed it’s raining out there. So I go out, call, and back bounds Sei, slightly damp but happy.

I come in and Shu is sitting expectantly by the food bowl, the scoundrel. The legal question is obviously, “Does it count if HE went out? We still get kibble, right?”

There is no way to argue Constitutional law with a cat. Both got kibble because I want to maintain the association.