I swear there is nothing Jane can’t do.
In this case, we decided the carpet had to go—allergies. So we took it up. The hardwood floor in Jane’s room —stopped—in favor of plywood about 10′ feet in.

But not just stopped. The plywood took a 3/4″ dip toward the closets. Think of a skateboard ramp. One that had been masked by carpet and padding.

So…before putting down laminate—our present to ourselves for having finished Convergence—Jane figured out how to level the thing. We just finished creating a jigsaw of 3/4″ plywood that fills the closets, and the lower part of the floor. Next comes the liquid leveler that will give us a level surface.

Fitting three sheets of 3/4 inch plywood into a Prius started the jigsaw puzzle. But thanks to our trusty table saw—love that thing!—we have it—literally—covered and level. We screw the bits to the plywood floor, add the leveler to the sloping part, and by George! I think we’ve got it.