The lights.
The floor. We finished Friday. The baseboards are yet to come, but we don’t count those: that’s wall, and Scott will do the baseboards. We now have a complete floor. Yay us.
Ceiling painting, dining area painting, almost done, pantry interiors, done, closet almost done. Kitchen area painting, yet to do.
Pantry 1 is functional: freezer is in, pantry shelves are in.
Pantry 2 is still under construction, but we’ve stained and varnished the doors.
Cabinets arrive on Nov 13; install to follow.
Countertop template to be made following cabinet install. Delivery and install of same uncertain date.
Backsplash tiling yet to do—

You patient people must be weary of the details, but it occupies our lives right now. I’m writing while all this is going on. I’m going to be able to put the table saw away for the rest of the operation after I cut the four shelves that are waiting out in the garage. Floor install means Jane sitting on the floor, shuffling pieces around and looking for flaws, marking same with a pencil, me picking up same, donning mask, glasses, hat, and going out across the garden to the garage to cut a piece, trekking back, delivering it, standing on the joint while Jane taps it into place, waiting while Jane measures another, repeat, repeat, repeat. I’m pretty good with the table saw, getting good with the Dremel. Our system for flooring accuracy: pencil lines with arrow on line to be cut: if no arrow, no cut, it’s just a chance line. X’s on areas of the tile that will go away, no x’s on area that will be part of the floor. And if it requires a cut that the table saw can’t make, it’s the Dremel, which can cut straight down and along any line. Great little tool, especially for this kind of flooring, where there’s a rigid repetition of whole-tile matched by 2 half-tiles. If you’ve got an anomaly like a doorway or whatever, you need the bottom of a U cut — a table saw can cut the two upright arms, but the bottom cut has to be a jigsaw or Dremel, and I’m here to tell you, the Dremel has it—you don’t have to finagle a starting hole or force a corner: just press the blade against the tile and it vibrates its way through the flat and then cuts forward. Love this thing!

Anyway, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve eaten way too much fast food, and we’re going to have to be good and diet for months to get off what Burger King and Zip’s put on. Christmas is going to be way tempting, but we have to be good. Even with the new kitchen.