Fantasy books: Spoiler alert.

There is the general spoiler page for general questions.

I’m making this set of pages for more specific questions.

The rule is: do not ask or comment about a book until it has been at least a month in issue. I think that will make everybody happy re spoilers.


  1. NosenDove

    I am curious just what books of yours are no longer being supported by the various publishing houses you have dealt with in the past.

  2. CJ

    Books from DAW are in print, except the Merovingian series. From Harper Collins, some are in print; Baen is offering Paladin, but Heroes in Hell has no support. Nothing from Ballantine: I have regained all those rights, and will offer them as ebooks; nothing from Warner except Cyteen: that publisher has been swallowed up by Hachette, a French publishing group.

  3. philospher77

    One ponders what working with/for such an unfortunately named publishing group is like….

  4. Raesean

    I love Heroes in Hell. I can’t tell you how many times I have lent an extra copy to friends. It makes a great “read aloud,” by the way. If you ever regain the right to the short stories, could you publish them as an e-book (as well as Heroes) itself. Actually, the other writers’ short stories that tie into your story line in Hell would be nice collected in one place too. I still am uncertain if I have come to the end of the story arc with Julius, Brutus and Caesarion or if there are more of the Hell shared world books I haven’t come across yet.

    • CJ

      The Caesar story was never written. But I am in touch with Janet, as is Lynn, and who knows?

  5. lunasceiling

    Not a question, a comment: The elves (Sidhe) in the Dreaming Tree stories?

    Best. Elves. Ever.

    Yes, I’m committing the unforgivable heresy of including Tolkien’s Eldar in the above statement. But seriously, there’s something about Arafel (and Duilliath) that resonates…they “ring true.”

  6. herwin

    So you’ve regained the rights on the Finisterre series…?

    • CJ

      Yep. I had to check the date myself, but I seem to have done it.

      • tulrose

        Wonderful. I really liked those.

  7. aReader

    So great to hear you have the property rights back to Finisterre. Wondering if ever (time permitting) you might revisit that world with another ebook or two?

    • CJ

      Not at all impossible, if this venture succeeds.

  8. geoffthomas

    Closed Circle should succeed.
    I, for one, will gladly re-purchase all of your titles in eBook format.

    just sayin…..

  9. sweetbo

    I’ll purchase them again too. I have this “thing” for book covers (don’t even ask how many War of the Worlds versions I have just because of the covers) so I doubt anything will ever stop that quest, but I also can’t resist the draw of having an ebook reader with me along with a large collection of my favorite books too. Especially if the success of it might mean freedom to write additional stories not bound to a publishers whim. (*cough* more Morgaine someday */cough*).

  10. Min

    I purchased the morgaine series (1st 3 books) from a now defunct online publisher, and even though I paid for them, my mobi-reader refuses to recognise the IDs because it’s expired. Quite pissed off as it means I would have to buy them again. But I would be quite glad to get the 4th book as well, because it was to my knowledge never published online. And to echo sweetbo, I honestly hope you would revisit the world again with a new book. 🙂

    • CJ

      Bummer! I wish I could help you on that one! I don’t have the ability to issue the novels as e-books: DAW does—except the last one, which they would have to ask me about. But ‘more Morgaine someday’ also has an advocate under this roof!

  11. philospher77

    Hey CJ, I recall stumbling across some very nice pictures of Vanye and Morgaine on your website way back when… I think they were Christmas pictures Jane had done for you one year. However, they seem to have vanished into the ether, along with the very nice background information you used to have on Faery in Shadow. Are those items still available, or have they been lost for all time?

    • CJ

      The background info on Faery in Shadow is now part of the appendix in Faery Moon.
      The Morgaine and Vanye pix were seasonal, but I’ll bet Jane could be bribed to resurrect them. CORRECTION: Jane says she thinks those images are on her website currently.

  12. Jhirun

    Hi CJ. The Moragine books would be my “all-time-favourite-books-EVER” and I have read them more times than I can count. My original Gate of Ivrel was published in 1977 and I have probably read it every years since then. It’s falling apart and I purchased new copies in the 90s.
    My question is about Exiles Gate.
    I read somewhere that this was intended as the final book because the Mante gate was the final gate and when Vanye and Morgaine pass through there is no where else for them to go. I never saw this myself, but wonder if this was your inmtention when writing Exiles Gate? I hope it wasn’t as there is so much more of Vanye’s and Morgaine’s new relationship to explore. Thank you. Jenny

    • CJ

      I’ve tried to get Betsy at DAW to approve a new book. No luck.
      But CC definitely gives me freedom…

  13. Sorwen

    I can’t seem to find anything on another Fortress/Tristan book? Also I’ve been asking where I can, but a Kindle version of Goblin Mirror would be nice. It is one of my favorite books and the funny thing is the first time I read it I didn’t like it. 🙂

    • CJ

      The next Tristen book will probably be on Closed Circle. Harper has not supported the project. Goblin Mirror is definitely in the works for CC, and should be out sometime this year.

      • lszeto

        I am sorry to hear that Harper has not supported the continuation of Tristen’s stories. I loved the Fortress series. I have read most of your books and I love the Fortress/Tristen the best. I hope you will continue Tristen’s story. I am not a fan of ebooks but I will read it for Tristen!

        • CJ

          Thank you very much, and welcome!

  14. Gallowglas

    Hi CJ. I don’t know if you remember me, but we corresponded some years ago. I hope all is well with you and yours. 🙂

    I’d just like to offer my own support for seeing another Morgaine/Vanye adventure. That series remains one of my all-time favorites. Please let me know if there are individuals I can write to help garner support!

    • CJ

      I do remember. 😉 Good to see you here!
      There’s nothing to prevent me doing another except the need to make a living—DAW won’t continue the series, but I can. If I can make a go at e-books, that is one that may continue.

  15. LovelyLocks

    Just wanted to add my support for another Morgaine book! I’ve re-read mine so many times that I actually had to order a second copy of Exile’s Gate because my first was falling apart. My DAW trilogy set is just about reaching that point, too. My mom thought that I was nuts (“you’re reading those books AGAIN?”) but eventually saw the light and is now very anxious to learn the resolution to the cliffhanger in Exile’s Gate!

  16. joekc6nlx

    Fortress of Ice:
    1. The book says that Tarien named Elfwyn, yet in Fortress of Dragons, it’s Tristen who names him.
    2. Tristen’s Enemy, “Lord of Magic” was supposedly “removed” in fortress of Dragons, and Hasufin was rendered helpless, since he was described as a figure of bits of straw and dust, and then was dispersed by the wind. Fortress of Ice, he’s apparently back.
    3. The ending of Fortress of Ice tells me that you have planned more for our little circle of friends. Will Elfwyn turn out to hate Aeself as Orien predicted? Will Tristen ever figure out the link between the Skenes and himself/Mauryl/Galasien?

  17. CJ

    Mmm, I ‘d love to continue it. Once I sell enough online to be able to live off Closed Circle income—watch me go.

    • joekc6nlx

      CJ, I apologize, 1) & 2) should have been phrased as questions. 3) takes no thought at all, knowing that you left a lot of loose threads in FoI.

  18. CJ

    Mmm, glad to have the note on who named him.

  19. joekc6nlx

    and if Hasufin was rendered “no more” on the gust of wind that was blowing when Tristen defeated the Enemy in Ilefinian, how did he “resurrect”? I gathered that Hasufin had spent himself trying to take over Owl.

  20. joekc6nlx

    Never mind…on further reflection, there are some things you should never ask an author concerning stories already written……

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