The rewards of doing it— the sheer petty joy of typing grEy instead of grAy, an Americanism I detest; the delight of cleaning up things I noticed AFTER it was in print…the freedom of being able to use a long dash WITHOUT butting it up against the prior word and overriding a comma, thus:
John—come here! becomes John, —come here! The sheer luxury of not having to re-correct my subjunctives when some copyeditor has misconstrued them. The delight of being able to say leapt instead of leaped (I swear the next pernicious change will be sleeped) —And the happiness of doing a book as long as I want it, with the typography I want, and the ending I want…and without the philosophy of an editor, who arrives new on the scene and doesn’t like ooky scary things, getting between you and your book. That definitely happened on Faery in Shadow, and to a certain extent on Rusalka.

Plus—a decade can give you a clearer vision of what you needed to do, and experience gives you a whole arsenal of skills you didn’t have back when…

I am so, so, so much happier with the Rusalka set (aka ‘what it’s REALLY like to grow up a wizard’–)

I’ve gotten through the new Yvgenie edit. You’ll notice some other changes. Rusalka is under my name, Chernevog is me and Jane, because Jane had such good insignts, and actually wrote some that I happily used, that I happily shared the authorship (my idea, not anything she asked;) and the third book, Yvgenie, is back to me again. This is honest-to-God magic-works-in-our-world fantasy that will also give a nice little aha! to people who do like physics; AND to people who know something about Russian folklore. How’s that for pleasing a diverse audience?

The short story is Foreigner, of course, before Bren arrived on the scene….I hope you enjoy it.
And Jane’s new book is Netwalkers, which begins the NEW version of her whole universe. This is brilliant, gutsy science fiction—and if you THINK you know where it’s going or you THINK you’ve seen this sort of thing before…don’t be too sure. This is sf of a very special sort, and if you’ve not read Jane’s sf, —read this!

Launch date is the 24th of October, and we are on schedule.