Awright! I refuse, absolutely refuse to admit what I forgot to do. Too many irons in the fire is my only excuse and even I’m not buying that. But the download should now work! If it doesn’t…wait ten minutes before telling me. I wanna go take a shower! :D—>J

THE BUTTON ISN”T WORKING YET: WE ARE POSTING RIGHT NOW DON”T CLICK IT yet!!!! Here, my friends, is the first freebie download. It’s a zip of Closed Circle’s first publication, and I need feedback. The request for name and e-mail? We’re puzzled by that too, but that’s the way the downloader wants to work, and we just toss it.  It will  send you an e-mail with the link, then forget the address. It will come from something called your-domain, but that’s us. We’ll fix that later. Now it sends it from ” ” so be sure to prepare your spam filter and declare us to be friendlies, or ‘trusted’, or it will almost certainly stick in your spam filter. The transmission should be instantaneous, so if you don’t find it in the next few seconds, it’s in the spam filter.

I’m already aware of a couple of glitches in the ‘reverse of the title page’ of the epub version, which don’t manifest in the mobi version, plus a duplication of the signature image, and a strange page break on the first of the text. I think I know where they come from, and I’m going to fix it. What I need to know is whether these artifacts are showing up in other types of files: FB2, RTF, LIT, etc. And if you are detecting more glitches further on in the epub files or find any in the Mobi files.

Just unzip the omnifile, pick your file type, and load that file into your reader. Then tell me what you know. I hope you will enjoy the little book.

   The Writing Life: A Writer’s Journal Vol 1

It starts sedately, in 2004, as we attempt to survive a very warm fall; and proceeds through computer misfortunes and a comedy of disasters: my book in question is likely Pretender. And trying to write—well, when people ask me how do I find time to write, I think the answer is—it’s a mystery.  FREE!