We’re getting drenched, real soaking rains. Butte, MT gets snow.

The pond is colder than will let the bacteria work well. It’s still sweatshirt weather here, headed for the 4th of July.

The ice age is possible, y’know, while the southern hemisphere gets full on baked. THat’s the way ice ages have tended to work.

Kidding. But it is a bit nippy here.

And my old home town, OKC, is getting 2-3 earthquakes a day. They used to say, “Oh, well, we have tornadoes, but they mostly miss. At least we don’t have earthquakes!”

Mmmm. Well.

Now I’m told insurance companies are putting signs in the window saying “we sell earthquake insurance.”

I’m also very glad to no longer be living in the shadow of ‘the world’s largest riprap (loose rock) dam’ as given in the 1975 Engineer’s manual…which we did for 10 years.