About the Foreigner series: Spoiler alerts

There is the general spoiler page for general questions.

I’m making this set of pages for more specific questions.

The rule is: do not ask or comment about a book until it has been at least a month in issue. I think that will make everybody happy re spoilers.


  1. Neco-ji

    I really wish I could actually read all the pages of the spoilers threads. For whatever reason the site won’t let me get to them after having read one or two already. It just redirects me to a spot near the top of the conversation.

    I dunno if anyone else is having this issue?

  2. P J Evans

    I wonder if the answer to nand’ Bren’s question about Phoenix has told him they’re not in the same universe they started from.

    • JB Zimmerman

      I thought that was meant to tell us that Foreigner isn’t in the Alliance/Union/Chanur universe? Not that Phoenix went dimensionhopping (well, other than as required for fold-space drive)?

      Ob. spoiler-worthy comment – I did a happy dance to discover I was right about something at the end of Visitor. Well, okay, that wasn’t really spoiler worthy. But ugh, a year in between, despite being a pretty darn good pace for a writer, is brutal for the few weeks after I finish each book and desperately, sadly, reread it and older ones at the thought of the wait!

  3. sleo

    I’m almost finished with Visitor! So excited!

  4. sleo

    Is Convergence the next book? I’m looking at the side margin and see Convergence as finished and Resurgence as being started.

    • drashizu

      Sleo, I do think Convergence is the next book. If the pattern holds, that will be #3 in the 6th sequence, and Resurgence will be #1 in the 7th sequence.

  5. drashizu

    I just finished Visitor (at 4 in the morning, no less…) and really loved it. In fact, it might be my favorite Foreigner novel to date just because of that ending! (Might not be – the one where Bren meets Machigi and has to negotiate the Eastern trade deal off the cuff might still be my favorite – but if so this one’s a close second.) The only problem is, now I don’t know how many rereads I’m going to have to do to hold out until next April…

    And, semi-spoilery: I am just dying to know how the conversation with Jase at the end of the book went.

  6. sleo

    Drashizu, I totally agree about Visitor and am immediately anxious to read the next installment! Makes me feel a bit greedy.

    • tulrose

      I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

  7. rylarkin

    Wow, Visitor certainly had a surprise (at least to me.) Good fit thematically for the series. Just off an extensive hospital stay, and remember a long discussion with a tech late one night how I couldn’t possibly die the week before Visitor was released. Nice to find fellow Atevi nerds in strange places.

  8. CJ

    Well, I’m very glad you didn’t! Welcome back!

  9. Kay

    I dropped by to fill in some hardbacks that I let my former husband take from our joint library. When I arrived, I found “Invitations.” The story of Bren’s first day at work was a wonderful surprise. I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you so very much! (Thanks also for having in stock several of the hardbacks I needed!)

  10. Teresa

    The young aiji is already a force to be reckoned with.

    I’m impressed with the young gentleman. He is very wise and insightful, even for fortunate nine. I can’t wait to see what trouble he gets into, and how he handles it.

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