New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.


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About the Foreigner series: Spoiler alerts

There is the general spoiler page for general questions.

I’m making this set of pages for more specific questions.

The rule is: do not ask or comment about a book until it has been at least a month in issue. I think that will make everybody happy re spoilers.

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  • Neco-ji

    I really wish I could actually read all the pages of the spoilers threads. For whatever reason the site won’t let me get to them after having read one or two already. It just redirects me to a spot near the top of the conversation.

    I dunno if anyone else is having this issue?

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