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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Coming, as e-books.

Rider at the Gate, Cloud’s Rider. Rimrunners. Tripoint. Finity’s End, Goblin Mirror, Rusalka, Chernevog, Yvgenie. They won’t be the only ones. Don’t expect them all to appear at once, and that’s not the order in which they will appear. Remember it takes us some deal of time to get them into format, working late in the evenings AFTER doing our regular writing during the day, plus trying to get our electronic records into order AND trying to do editing, covers, and webmastering the blogs and websites. But don’t rush out and pay huge amounts for a personal copyof these titles unless you’re a fanatic collector.

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  • ericf

    Oh, just to let you know, I’ll have to save to either rtf or Word. Which is best? I have no Word Perfect option.

    • CJ

      Either should be ok, ericf. E-mail me the result. Don’t post it. Send as an attachment to and I’ll hope to be able to get it to operate. I’m having trouble with Spence’s first file…it came in with a 4-letter extension, and is not decoding properly.

  • ericf

    Oh, is he perhaps using Office 2007 or later? Endings in docx? Not good, Microsoft!
    I used to know a program that can convert docx to doc on the fly but it’s eluding me now. If you have nothing against installing a compatibility pack from Microsoft you can find it here:

    Anyway, I will send the separate chapters in Windows compressed maps format (zip) There shouldn’t be any problems with unpacking those on most Windows systems. It would be quite a mess if I would send you each page as one separate file.


  • ericf

    I just sent my scan of Hellburner, chapter two.
    I hope it is good enough.

  • CJ

    Note: I’ve opened a new post just to track who’s done what. Chapters 1-2 are in. More updates as comments under that post. This, so we don’t duplicate each other’s efforts.

  • so do you want me to reformat and try again? I can send it as a text document with no formatting at all.

    • CJ

      Spence, no, I got it. Thanks! The key was the -x on the end of the extension. I’d never seen that before, and neither had my pre2007 version of Word. EricF put me onto the fact Word has a version difference, and sent me to the patch, so now my Word reads it correctly. Keep going as you are. All ok now.

  • KarlF

    Hi folks! My first post, despite having followed the site since the old progress reports, but seeing something I could help with has spurred me on 🙂
    I’m set up with OCR so can take Hellburner chapter 10 for starters. Quick question – my OCR doesn’t maintain italics, will this be a problem? They’re used copiously in this book.
    Also, since several people are already scanning, I assume there’s no problem if we have different editions (mine’s a 1993 New English Library [UK] edition)?

    • CJ

      Welcome in, and thank you. I can cope with no italics, but if you could hand-install them after the scan it would be a great help, too! I don’t think there’s any edition difference, except maybe colour, harbour, etc, and I’ll be over this thing word-by-word as is, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Thank you so much!
      Chapter 10 it is.

  • ericf

    Just a small question. When I’m done with chapter 5, should I OCR chapter 15? I do have the time. And, in future, should I post here or in the specific thread about OCRing?

  • Go for it Eric, if you have the time.

  • CJ

    We are now in possession of chapters 1-19. I think that’s it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Wayne

    I don’t know … I may be WAY off base here. But wouldn’t it be more profitable to be writing the actual book content and NOT this BLOG … stuff? The BLOG can’t pay anything … I know that I wouldn’t pay for any of it … but being a profoundly loyal Cherryh reader, i WOULD pay, and DEARLY to have Rider At The Gate and Clouds Rider come out in a format that I can put on my Kindle. And I KNOW that I would be willing to pay MUCH more for a new book in the Finisterre series. Just an opinion Ms Cherryh … drop the BLOG and spend your time on something that has a possibility of providing some income.

    • CJ

      But nobody would know about it, that’s one,; and two, I have to have a little break from working on story or I’d be fit for a rubber room…you guys are my contact with the outside world.

  • paul

    I thought “catching an edge” on the rink gave you contact with the world. 😉 [GD&R]

  • CJ

    Lol—oh, bigtime! Catching a toepick really gives you elevated perspective, for about a nanosecond.

    Srsly, I do enjoy you guys!

  • Sorwen

    Looking around it seems Goblin Mirror still isn’t in ebook yet?

  • CJ

    Not yet. If Calibre’s latest version has enabled easier e-books (usually 4 weeks of hard work) we will be putting more out.

    • Sorwen

      Thanks for the reply. Its one of those books like Paladin that I just like to have on hand when I need a book and have nothing new to read. And if I could carry my bookshelf on my back I wouldn’t have this problem. 😀

  • If there’s a good how-to book on EPUB 3, I’d love to know about it. I have not found anything but the EPUB 3 Best Practices and 2 excerpts published as separate volumes, from O’Reilly’s “animal lithograph” cover series. The authors are Matt Garrish and Mark Gylling.

    There is also a book on learning EPUB 2 by Elizabeth Castro, wich I ned to reread, and one by a first-time author which I may get rhought. But these presume you have Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word or various other programs, or spend time running you through program installs. Of the two, Liz Castro’s book seemed better. Her books on HTML and CSS are still very good.

    Amazon uses its own proprietary KF8 format derived from MOBI.

    Greatly looking forward to new A-U books!

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