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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Nice evening…

We did a little gaming with friends, who offered us a nice (and diet-friendly) supper…fun, but I’ve got to do something about my guy’s armor…

And I’ve already dropped about half the gain from the splurge on the trip. That fast. I’m happy. But not overconfident. Got to behave for a while.

It’s continuing hot.

And I’m continuing to enter changes and notes from the read-out-loud on the trip.

Re the Prius, last night the electric door lock malfunctioned—so I thought. Had trouble locking it; then couldn’t open it. La! Turned out it would work fine if Jane was standing near. SHE had her key on her person. Turned out I’d left my keys at home. No malfunction. Mystery solved.

We came home last night, were about to cross a downtown street when the police started across. We jammed on brakes, and the black and while turned on sirens and right turned onto our street, headed away from us and on toward the turn we were going to take. Three more b&w’s showed up, careening past us, while we held right where we were, green light or not. They disappeared in the same direction, toward Maple Street Bridge. We decided maybe another bridge would be better, so we wiggled our way through quieter streets to reach the Monroe Street Bridge, and still don’t know what drew four B&w’s on a screaming run toward whatever it was. That area has easy access to I-90, to the bridge, and to Brown’s Addition, which is usually quiet, but there’s occasional trouble there. One of those things we’ll likely not find out…

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  • paul

    Prepare for next week. PDX is expected to hit 100°F Tuesday. Maybe a day later for you as it moves off east.

  • Congratulations on getting the weight back down. I weighed myself at noon today, I am at 181, and have 6 pounds more to reach my goal. Woo-hoo! No, I did not celebrate by going out to Burger King and ordering a double-whopper with cheese……

    Funny thing that I recall a couple of firemen telling me about emergency vehicles. The fact that you were stopped is a plus, but for the B&W to enter the intersection without lights and siren is an error on that officer’s part. The whole purpose of the lights and siren are to clear traffic, but if the B&W just pulls up into the intersection like any other car, how are you to know it’s an emergency. If you had gone through the green light, exercising your right of way, and the cop hit you, it would have been the cop’s fault. I’m not advocating playing “chicken” with emergency vehicles, especially police cars….the drivers usually have a different outlook on your sense of humor when you do things like that.. 😉 Still, it is mandatory that the officer exercise due caution and prudence when driving, even if lights and siren are activated. What if you’re a deaf driver, you don’t hear the sirens if the car is coming from your side? If they just barrel out into the intersection, and strike your vehicle, who’s at fault? According to my friends, it’s the emergency vehicle driver who is at fault for not exercising due caution.
    I suppose if there were 4 B&W’s screaming through town, it’ll be in the newspaper. They don’t usually go full out unless another cop is in trouble, but whatever it is… It’s why I turn on my scanner in the late afternoon, things are starting to get interesting…..

  • CJ

    It was otherwise deserted, changed from green to yellow as we almost entered the intersection, and the police, from sitting at a red light, switched on their lights and right turned in front of us: the moment Jane saw the lights flare, she braked, so we sat there, hearing other sirens from various deserted streets…figured there was space around us and best sit still; as the police cars multiplied, and 3 rushed past us, we decided, y’know, there’s more than one bridge across the Spokane, and all those lights are close to the one we were going to take—best take the Monroe Street Bridge and just let the police do their thing without our help.

  • CJ

    Lol—I think we have it: two nuts in 100 degree July took a snowplow vehicle to go rob a pizza on the busiest thoroughfare in Spokane at 11 pm, so the time is right. I think this was a case of ‘yeee-hah! we got ourselves a snowplow chase in July’ and all the cops piled on, at an hour with not much else stirring.

  • chondrite

    It’s a good thing you decided to opt for discretion. Being in an accident, no matter who was at fault, would be bad.

  • Now, there’s an inconspicuous escape vehicle. Who’d think to look for anyone driving a snowplow in July? Why, it happens every day on every street in Spokane, right? I wonder if they caught them.

    I wasn’t trying to lay blame on anyone with my previous post….

  • CJ

    They got them. Within an hour or so.
    As you say, just as well drive a van with “WE’RE THE ROBBERS!” painted in red on the sides.

    The police I’ve known do have a keen sense of humor, and a message about robbers in a snowplow truck in this weather would just be irresistible for anybody with a shred of humor about them.

  • ryanrick

    Boy if that isn’t the truth! And given the things they have to deal with, having a sense of humor is practically a job requirement. We’ve had similar things happen since one state highway bisects the town north/south and a major one intersects that runs east to the White Mountains. — highly desireable cool spot for flatlanders (Phoenians) reasonably escaping 110+ temps. We go home and turn on the scanner. Folk laugh but when Bob was still working I got the scanner so I could know whether he’d be home or spend the night fighting a fire.

  • WOL

    Off topic, but: Don’t know how many of you are familiar with novelist Mary Robinette Kowal and her works, but this: Which I signal boosted from John Scalzi’s blog here: Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

  • Tommie

    Definitely a situation where one ‘lets Security handle it’!

  • :laugh: I laughed so much at the “snowplow in July … pizza … police car chase” that Goober is now meowing, wondering why I’ve gone crazy (-er) in his way of thinking! LOL!

    That would make a brilliant comedy movie scene!

    Snowplow … really inconspicuous and high-speed vehicle there! — I have no idea what a snowplow’s top speed is, but I’d think they’re not the fastest vehicles on the roadway. Heh.

    Ohhh… The cat is not concerned about my sanity. (Probably thinks it’s a long lost cause.) He thinks it’s time they should go Outside for an excursion into the yard. Hmm…. 09:07am, probably already past 80 out, but cooler than it will be later today. I haven’t let them out in a few days. … OK, cat, equitable. We go. Brief visit. Then back in.

    My cat has a very feline and tenacious sense of what is fair — to felines. 😉

    Hah, I sometimes think I prefer their “alien” company to humans. 🙂

    Here’s hoping we don’t MELT outside. (Officially, we still have not passed 100. The adverb is a key determinant, there.)

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