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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Bear with us: the serious site upgrading has started, on Wave and elsewhere…

We think we know why there might have been an avatar problem and this may fix it.

We will, we think, implement this evening for Wave. This could cause us to turn funny colors and maybe make me have to restore certain changes to the defaults that give this site its character. We might lose our banners. All these things can be restored, and the site will be more compliant with other software—so don’t panic. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical…sorta.

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  • chondrite

    To quote Seven of Nine, “We will adapt.” Good luck with the upgrades, and may Dinner and gremlins stay out of the process!

  • GreenWyvern

    Talking about upgrading being done elsewhere…

    Scientists at CERN who did that experiment that made such sensational headlines last year about the speed of light being exceeded, tightened a loose fiber-optic connection from a GPS receiver to a computer.

    Result: 60 nanosecond difference.

    Previous result: The speed of light appeared to be exceeded by 60 nanoseconds.

    Umm… nominations for this year’s Ig Nobel prize are now open.

  • CJ

    lol! I’m not sure we’re done yet, but we’re gaining on it.

  • CJ

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddd……….we are updated. And 60 nanoseconds faster.

  • chondrite

    Things noted here: the little avatar in my bookmark file has changed from your old ‘wave’ to a new starburst-thingy. The ‘recent posts’ list has disappeared. I haven’t sniffed around the other CC sites much yet.

  • paul

    The avatars were back yesterday, gone again today. I have not attempted to adapt–“only change one thing at a time!”

  • CJ

    I’m the only one updated as yet. But we’re getting there. I’ll check out that ‘recent posts’ problem.

  • paul

    One other thing I haven’t mentioned is when I am logged in the gray bar at the top of the frame changed at the same time. It used to be one line high and showed my avatar on the left. Now it’s about three lines high, shows the WordPress logo in the upper left corner followed by “Wave Without A Shore”, then in the lower right “Howdy, paul |” and a magnifying glass icon. When I mouse-over the “Wave Without a Shore” I can see the bottom edge of a “drop-down box” but it’s mostly covered by the gray bar. The other things have dropdown boxes on mouse-over but they don’t seem to be elucidating.

  • paul

    One other thing, I’ve been at this sort of stuff for, oh, (OMG! 50 years now? That can’t be right! Since ’66, anyway.) and I’m often amazed any of it works. 🙂 Don’t take it too hard–it ain’t worth it.

  • CJ

    Should show your icon in the ‘howdy’ box. Howdy. I would NEVER say ‘howdy.’ Sheesh! But that’s the way the software sets it up. I’ll have to see if I can tweak that. I did get our comments back.

    • paul

      Nope, it shows yours (Shu?), instead of the “|” now, after a page refresh. A Sooner girl that don’t say “Howdy”?

      I think I’ll go away for a while and let you work in peace, eh?

  • It looks a lot better now that the replies are attached to the post that’s applicable. Did I say that correctly? I think I’ve got a touch of the flu, so might not be coherent.

  • The blog appears fine here. This is the first time since last night that I’ve logged in, though, so things might update further before settling down.

    I went to a university where the traditional greeting is “Howdy.” I’m a big city Texas boy, so “Howdy” was only rarely in my usual vocabulary before. But I had to kick the habit of “Howdy!” after college. It’s possible an Aggie coded that. Or it’s just their sense of humor. 😉

    WP’s almost-black bar and dark grey text on almost-black, very hard for me to read, but that is WP, not CJ or the blog theme. When last I looked, it wasn’t adjustable.

    I’m seeing the WP icon at left, my avatar at right. To the left of the blog title / masthead, I’m now seeing an eight-leaved floret / burst, translucent leaves.

    I might be seeing it 60 nanoseconds faster.

    Yup, “We will adapt.” Just please don’t have me adapt to wearing a skintight catsuit. It would not be the best look for me, haha! (Not even when I was an overly skinny kid.)

    Hey, what would happen if the Borg had a browser war? Mass chaos. Dogs and cats living together! :LOL:

    No, not like I’ve been ironing out cross-browser CSS3 oddness lately….

  • WOL

    I’m glad somebody understands this stuff. I’m trying to nerve up to see if the $50 dohicky I just got from will improve the vision on this computer to the point that it can see the second monitor I’m trying to connect to it. The old dohicky worked on my Vista computer but lacks something to make it work with Windows 7. Either that, or I wasn’t holding my mouth right when I tried connecting it. The Wave WO a Shore website looks fine to me on NewsFox feed reader. No noticeable difference from what it looked like before, and seems to function OK.

    • ryanrick

      LOL. I’m in the same boat with you, and why is everyone speaking Greek I wonder, deciding to smile and nod politely, hoping the possible invite to dinner doesn’t degenerate into a live version of a bad missionary joke.
      The blog looks the same to me with a lovely new flower. But then I am seriously tech challenged.

  • WOL

    Oh, and in the TX panhandle, which is right next door to OK, we don’t say “howdy” either. “Hi” is what we say, with a lotta “a” and not much “i” in the diphthong. Out here, “howdy” will get you looked at askance.

    • Sgt Saturn

      I think it must have something to do with being north of the Red River. I also think “Howdy” is more common with my generation than the current. (Of course, C. J. and I are of the same generation, but she’s from north of the Red.) 😉

  • CJ

    Or if you’re being sarcastic in TX, a very breathy “Hhhhaaaeh.”

  • Raesean

    Is it deliberate that the left hand margin list of the most recent blog comments is not there near the top any more? I have found that a nice feature when wondering if and where in the many sections of this blog a new comment is.

    On the other hand, it is likely more productive to have the Closed Circle and other personal links in its place, as now appears.

    • Raesean

      Oh, odd, I just dropped by again and the quotes are back up when I am looking at the main site but not there once I went into the Comments section. So, this may just be a product of my own lack of prior observation. Maybe the “recent comments” bit only appears when one is reading the multi-blog entries and not at the level of specific entries with the string of comments.

  • paul

    Go figger! Tonight the avatars are back for me. There are times all this computer stuff seems like black magic and virgin sacrifice–but then those haven’t been possible since the 60’s.

  • paul

    Normally I’m not using a “desktop”, though I have installed KDE, for when I need it and am willing to pay the extra overhead. I typically use either blackbox or fluxbox window managers. Their menus are sufficient, but I’m also trying out a minimalist package called idesk that puts some icons on the window, but it’s nothing like KDE–just icons for firefox, terminal, thunderbird, top, and xpdf. The paradigm for Paul’s Own Distribution, “POD”, is “KISS”!

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