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Adventures, adventures... I enjoy taking pictures. I did it as part of my job back during my teaching days...used to photograph ancient ruins in Europe. Now I travel a lot in my convention-going, and take photos at home...and here is the result. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

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Ysabel came like a ray of four-footed sunshine into a rough and stormy month. She's a lynx point Siamese, with a mouth, but with very fine manners [for a kitten].

Her cattery is Sapphire Eyes, and there's a bit of a story behind the registry, which is the Traditional Cat Association. Certain breeders who like the more traditional forms of certain breeds which have undergone considerable change in breed standard have banded together to form the TCA. So if you like the slightly longer-nosed Persians and the apple-headed Siamese you might consider the TCA

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efanora.jpg (37541 bytes) Then there's The Black Prince, Efanor, heir to Elrond the Magnificent. This is Efanor thinking of a yawn.  A moment later, he did.





cherryh.jpg (7275 bytes) In case you wondered.
I've got to get some current photos.

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