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AMAZON.COM ordering information, with links to specific books. I am splitting this page because there are a lot of links.

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Below are a set of links that will enable you to order my books through Click on the specific title and you will be transferred to Amazon for more information and purchase, then use your BACK button to get back to this page.

Click on any book [have your credit card handy: you'll need the number] and you will be linked directly to for mail-order purchase of that specific title. I'm pleased to note that some of these books are among the hard-to-finds. will special-order books that may not be on this list, as I understand, but for those titles, for credit card security questions, and for other authors' books, please contact them directly.



Hammerfall [Gene Wars Universe] Harper Collinis, hardbound, Hammerfall

Explorer [a Foreigner book] hardbound, DAW Books, Explorer

Precursor [a Foreigner book] hardbound, DAW Books. Precursor

The Faded Sun unified volume DAW BOOKS The FADED SUN, paperbound


Fortress in the Eye of Time[[Fortress 1] [paperbound] Epic Fantasy, Harper-Collins, $6.29

Fortress in the Eye of Time [Fortress 1][hardbound], Harper-Collins, 19.80

Fortress of Eagles [Fortress 2][hardbound], Harper-Collins, 23.00[Fortress 2] [hardbound], Harper-Collins

Fortress of Owls [Fortress 3 hardbound] Harper Collins, Fortress of Owls, 24.00

Downbelow Station, [paperbound], Hugo Award, best novel, DAW

Foreigner [Foreigner 1; paperbound] DAW, $5.39

Foreigner [Foreigner 1; hardbound] DAW, $18.00

Invader [Foreigner 2:paperback] DAW, $5.39

Invader [Foreigner2;hardbound] DAW, $17.96

Inheritor [Foreigner 3:hardbound] DAW $19.76

Inheritor [Foreigner 3:paperbound] DAW $6.29

Hellburner [after Heavy Time, Alliance-Union}Warner Books, $4.95

Forty Thousand in Gehenna, DAW Books, $5.39

Goblin Mirror [fantasy, stands alone] Ballantine, 5.39

Merchanter's Luck, DAW, $4.49

The Paladin, Fantasy/Adventure/ Sword and Sorcery/Baen Books, 4.49

Lois & Clark: A Superman Novel [hardcover] Prima Publishing, 18.00

Rider at the Gate [paper; book 1 of the Riders] Warner, 5.39

Rider at the Gate [hardbound]Warner, 19.76

Cloud's Rider [hardbound; book 2 of the Riders]

Cloud's Rider [paper; book 2 of the Riders] Warner Books, $5.99

The Kif Strike Back [Chanur 3] DAW Books, $5.39

Chanur's Venture [Chanur 2; paperback] DAW 3.56

Chanur's Homecoming [Chanur 4] DAW, $4.49

Chanur's Legacy [hb? Chanur 5]DAW Books, 13.50

Chanur's Legacy [paperback]DAW Books, $4.49

The Dreamstone [paperback, Fantasy, an Arafel/faery story] DAW, $2.66

Tree of Swords and Jewels [paperback, Fantasy, an Arafel/faery story] DAW

The Dreaming Tree, [paperback, Fantasy, an Arafel/faery story] replaces Dreamstone and Tree.

Gate of Ivrel [Morgaine 1 of 4]DAW, 4.05

Well of Shiuan [ Morgaine 2 of 4]DAW, $4.05

Fires of Azeroth [Morgaine 3 of 4]DAW, $4.05

Exile's Gate [Morgaine 4 of 4]DAW, $4.95

Rusalka [Rusalka 1 of 3]Ballantine, Russian mythic fantasy, $5.39

Chernevog[Rusalka 2 of 3]Ballantine, Russian mythic fantasy, rated Hard-to-find

Yvgenie [Rusalka 3 of 3]Ballantine, Russian mythic fantasy, hardbound

Yvgenie [Rusalka 3 of 3]Ballantine, Russian mythic fantasy, paperbound

Faery in Shadow, a Faery novel] Ballantine, dark elves, etc. fantasy, paperbound

Cuckoo's Egg, DAW Books, Hugo Nominee:

Serpent's Reach, DAW Books, $4.49

Tripoint, a Merchanter novel, Warner, $5.39

Heavy Time, a Merchanter novel, Warner, listed OS, but stay tuned

Rimrunners, a Merchanter novel, Warner, listed OS, but stay tuned.

Finity's End, a Merchanter novel, Warner, hardbound

The Faded Sun: Kesrith, DAW Books, $4.05

The Faded Sun: Shon'jir, DAW Books, $4.05

The Faded Sun: Kutath, DAW Books, $4.05

Cyteen [Hugo Award Winner] Single volume trade paper, Warner, $13.49

Cyteen [Hugo Award Winner] Not sure whether hard/soft, possibly hardcover or publication in 3 vol., Warner, rated Hard-to-find

Endgame [final vol. of Merovingen Nights, shared universe] DAW, $4.49

Divine Right [Merovingen Nights, shared universe] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Festival Moon[Merovingen Nights, shared universe] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Fever Season [Merovingen Nights, shared universe] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Flood Tide [Merovingen Nights, shared universe] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Angel With A Sword[Merovingen Nights, shared universe initial novel] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Troubled Waters[Merovingen Nights, shared universe ] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Smuggler's Gold [Merovingen Nights, shared universe] DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Brothers of Earth, DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Alien Stars...can't remember whether I have a short story in it...I think it's "Pots" but don't quote me...rated Hard-to-find

Forty Thousand in Gehenna [hardbound, special order, Phantasia Press]

The Kif Strike Back [hardbound, special order, Phantasia Press}

Hestia, sf, DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Hunter of Worlds, sf DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Port Eternity, sf Arthurian novel, azi, etc., DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Faery in Shadow, Ballantine, a Faery novel, rated Hard-to-find, but perhaps to be reissued?

Pride of Chanur, sf DAW, rated Hard-to-find...???

Sunfall. sf , short stories on fading Earth, DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Voyager in Night, sf DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Wave without a Shore, sf DAW, rated Hard-to-find

Chanur's Venture [hardbound, special order, Phantasia Press]

Kings in Hell, with Janet Morris] Baen Books, rated Hard-to-find

Legions of Hell,] shared universe novel] Baen Books, rated Hard-to-find

Soul of the City, a Thieves World novel, with Abbey and Morris, rated Hard to find

Sword of Knowlege [editor, not author] Omnibus edition

Dirge for Sabis [editor, not author: part 1 of Sword of Knowledge]

Reap the Whirlwind [editor, not author, part 3 of Sword of Knowlege]