1999 by C.J. Cherryh

OK, choices, choices. So many choices. But let's try to deny something.

Let's say someone ISN'T doing something.


Here's your pattern: Same as before: <actor/actee> NOT <action.>

Marcus Antonius Caesarem non occidit. Marcus Brutus Caesarem occidit.

Mark Antony isn't killing Caesar. Marcus Brutus is killing Caesar.

Cervus lupum non capit. Lupus cervum capit.

The deer isn't catching the wolf. The wolf is catching the deer.

Calpurnia cenam habet. Caesar cenam non habet.

Cleopatra Caesarem amat. Calpurnia Cleopatram non amat.

Currum non habes.

Currum non habet.

Antonius currum non habet.

Let's try a fancier word than just "not". Let's try "never", or that other word of time, "sometimes." And then for variety, "right now" or "now."

numquam [NOOM-kwam] never

interdum [IN-tayr-doom] sometimes, occasionally.

nunc [NOONk] now.

iam [yahm] now or 'by now', especially with "non", as in "non iam" ....not any more.

Caesar currum numquam habet. Caesar never has a car.

Calpurnia currum interdum habet.

Calpurnia currum non iam habet. Antonius currum capit. Calpurnia Antonium nunc non amat.




Not many...but "non" or "not" is an adverb; and adverbs come in that position no matter what they are.  Yes, they can vary and change position for emphasis. But you're pretty safe putting them here. Better do one thing all the time and then vary it only after that pattern is set in your mind.

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