Gate Of Ivrel Graphics


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We can sell you copies of these graphics at a deep discount. There is an address below. But here follows the tangled tale of their creation...

Some years ago Jane S. Fancher contacted me with a proposal to render my novel GATE OF IVREL into a graphic novel.

There followed a black & white version of volume 1. But Fancher's solo effort was picked up by Donning-Starblaze and produced on slick stock in full color.

Jane Fancher, at the time living on the West Coast, adapted, scripted, pencilled, inked, colored, and lettered volume 1's complete revision and redrawing as CLAIMING RITES. I did commentary and technical advice.

By the time volume 2 was in the works, she had  moved to Oklahoma, had an office adjacent to mine and enlisted my assistance, since she'd found out I can I ended up doing a bit of the villains of Leth, as well as the gold background script during the flashback sequence, and I even interpolated Jane's far-traveled cat Elrond into the kitchens of Leth. I also entered her lettering into the computer and produced the script. Sticking the dialogue to the artwork required chemical masks and lines of dialogue stuck to hands, clothing, the floor of Fancher's office, and the carpet. It was an adventure, of which, perhaps fortunately, no photographs exist.

Donning was supposed to have given me a byline saying "scum and villainy by C.J. Cherryh,' but they left it out. (Sigh.)

And why are we selling it instead of Donning?

Due to various circumstances, the first book was issued without advertising and the second volume was first delayed and then sent into backlist before it was issued....and then Donning ceased to be in the graphics business, as best I can describe the situation.

Rather than see two years' work go without an effort to save it...we became the proud and quixotic owners of all the MORGAINE GRAPHICS there are left. No, Fancher's adaptation didn't get through the whole Gate of Ivrel. Meanwhile she turned to writing novels of her own. But my complete novel of Gate of Ivrel can be had from DAW you won't be left without the whole story. There are even several more novels: Well of Shiuan, Fires of Azeroth, and Exile's Gate. And who knows? If we sell these it would finance the production of more volumes, which are sketched, if not inked or printed.

If you live in the US and would like to purchase a set of the two graphics, (which is Volume 1, CLAIMING RITES and Vol. 2, FEVER DREAMS,) for 18.00 we will throw in free the original black and white graphic free; Afterwards and forewards by both, including David A. Cherry.... And we can sign the lot of them, if you wish.. All copies are original condition, unissued.

That's 18.00 for all , 2 color and 1 b/w.. Page count is about 70 physical pages, slick, color, per volume of the color volumes, and their original issue price was 7.95 per volume, but they are now getting to be stonishingly few in number---compared to the lot we trucked down from the Donning warehouse,---that wouldn't bother us---but postage has gotten higher and higher., and we have to go the 18.00

TO ORDER from within the US: contact Jane Fancher  ( )if you want them personalized. If you just want to get them unsigned but faster, contact and she will ship them to you. In either case, send the appropriate party a check for 18.00

This purchases both color volumes and the black and white, and includes shipping.

Overseas orders;  we have established that it is legal to ship overseas.. The postage is fierce, however, and we have to charge extra for that.

BOOKSELLERS, ONLINE AND OTHERWISE: To obtain prices and full information on multi-copy deals, write to Jane Fancher, as per above., or to Selina Rosen.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH AN ORDER: please advise us at the address above.