My tiny camera doesn’t take great pix, but Jane has some, and between us we have pix that aren’t hazy. This is, fwiw, the view from my workstation, and the quince is in bloom. THe shiny patch is reflection of light on the water. I have a great window.

This is going on in front: the new crabapple and the cherry tree are doing their thing.

And the new Japanese Maple, an Emperor 1, with the redbud just visible beyond it.

Now to the fishes: these are taken through the bags—it’s never good to open a bag until you’re pretty well ready to put the fish in.

first pix is of the first 3, which include a pale gold shortfin like Ari and a platinum butterfly-fin like Maddy and an orange butterfly-fin with white edges, who is the Wesley type. We have also a couple of orange and white spots: they were both personable, so they came home with us. One is a gin rin type, sparkle scales, the other plain, both vying for the name of Renji, and then we have one like the first one we lost—Ichigo, a fish with a red bonnet. The water is murky, we had a storm last night and the netting collapsed in one place, but we can fix that—soon as I can walk straight. Which may be today.

Jane’s pix are much better. Wiishu helped.

It’s nice knowing the pond is occupied again. We don’t expect to see them until I can get the water clear, and nowhere in the region is that happening very fast. But it’ll get there. The fishes are all about 3″ body size, and they’ve got 5000 gallons and a lot of rocks to hide in, so they’ll be safe. Feeding them is going to be interesting, since we can’t see where they are, but I figure feeding stinky food will help them find it. And any worm that falls in is very likely doomed.