ENT guy swears it’s not the ears, or if it is, it’s probably neurological…etc.
OTOH on the way home, after thinking about a statement he made that the bilateral brain does rely on having input from senses in some sort of agreement…I began thinking about the time of onset of some problems, and the cataract surgery, the new reading glasses, but also the fact that, within 6 feet of me, I have astigmatism as a fairly major problem—read: I can’t see the ground I’m walking on without glasses, and the reading glasses are too short-focused. SO I took an ancient pair of driving glasses out of the overhead of the car, put them on, and it was as if my brain relaxed. Mmmm. Not dizzy, which I have been nearly continually for months.
Well, the other issue is blood pressure. Dunno if fighting vision problems can elevate your blood pressure (I’m now on very mild meds for that) but definitely blood pressure could affect the vision.
Complicating everything was the adventure with a generic thyroid med—which did affect my blood pressure.
Well. The blood pressure problem remains: I’m reducing salt a bit, watching the coffee intake, and generally trying to be good, and it is trending down…so we shall see.
I at least have some hope i am not stuck with this dizziness for the rest of my life.
DId I mention a glitch with my headphones took out my laptop mouse, keyboard, and headphones and delivered, repeatedly, the Blue Screen of Death. Was on the phone with Dell for an hour, ran diagnostics, and finally figured the keyboard wasn’t working. Nor was much else. We happened to have a usb keyboard and a usb mouse, so we got it to go to safe mode.
The problem started when the headphones glitched and the Logitech site said uninstall the ‘gaming software,’ meaning itself. Well, it glitched partway through, hence the initial Blue Screen. And I couldn’t finish the uninstall. After I got off with Dell, Jane got the brilliant idea of going up in safe mode, finishing the Logitech uninstall, doing some stalled updates caught in the mix, one of which WAS for wireless, and, ta dah! the Blue Screen gave way to proper behavior. She’s got the system running. Including the headset.
Dell was going to send me a box to ship the machine in for a reinstall of Win 7, but I think I’m going to tell them what we did and how we did it and suggest they not ship me the box for a bit, in the case we have actually fixed the hangup.