It was up for a vote on Christmas night.
I usually drink box Chardonnay—Chard isn’t the fussiest of white wines, and Jane doesn’t always drink it, and bottled wine is spendy; you have to have a pricey re-corking device to keep it well, the little vacuum sealer you can get at the winery for under 10.00 is ok, but by the time the bottle is a day old, *most* Chards I’m willing to spring for on a regular basis are about down to the quality of the best box, and with only me drinking it (Jane likes the Captain or single malt) you can end up with the tag-end of a bottle which prompts you to go-ahead-have-another to finish it. So really good box works well. Lower quality but not that much.
Unless you get a bad box.
First time it happened, it was a little bubbly and weird, and the next day was the hangover from hell.
This time—brand new box—and it tasted just a little funny, but I thought, well, too much powdered sugar beforehand (Russian Tea Cakes)—
Bad mistake.
3 hours later I thought I was sick. Ten minutes after that, I knew I was. Shall we say, past a certain point, about 4 in the morning, I finally had to rouse Jane out and ask for help.
I was in bed all the next day except for maybe 10 minute stretches, and all I could keep down was chai tea and a little mac and cheese. Second day, at least I was on my feet again. But I still couldn’t eat anything but mac and cheese.
I think I’m working my way toward a more varied menu.
I lost my glasses…beyond the usual places to search. I have an appointment today to get replacements. I’ve also reached a point I have to admit I need regular glasses and have to give up on the contacts for now. The continuing bout with iritis (inflamation of the iris) is more serious than usual eye redness, and it improves when I don’t wear the contacts. So I think I either have to go with daily wear contacts—or none; and I want to let my eyes get over this before I even contemplate wearing contacts again.
So….off to the optometrist I go.
On the other hand, I had a marvelous Christmas—all my gifts to Jane worked, even the funny legwarmers; and she will get the little doll she wanted, part from me, part from her sis; and I got (from sis-Lynn) a perfectly wonderful ceramic skillet, one of those non-stick things that has a green coating, which you treat just like an iron skillet: don’t wash it, really, just wipe it out really, really well. And…*and*…my aging telly which is in my workspace is about 12 years old, and losing a lot of its colors: discovered that the reason I never got into Firefly when it was first on is that I thought the screen was black during a lot of the action. Well, there are actually images there, and so much more to see: Jane got me a small flatscreen and a wall mount, so I can *see* it from where I work, and it has a beautiful picture. I love How the Universe Works, and I had no idea how much detail there is in the pictures, and I don’t even have HD telly: mine is digital. I’m so very happy with it.
So I am fine, now, I will have glasses by next week, and I’m really enjoying everything, the snowflakes and the skillet and the telly and the beautiful beadwork Lynn did, and the pond heater my brother sent, plus our copy of Brave, which we absolutely loved!
We have one more ’round’ of gifts, —actually we always save one gift for New Year’s Eve; just to keep the fun going, and Jane is threatening me with peanut butter and jelly cookies.
Then we are giving each other a membership at the Y and working off all we gained.