Sanzo, who is a lot like Goku—there are pix, but we’ll have to get more organized.
And, officially, Maddy ii, a platinum butterfly fin.
We’ve been worried because the fishes are so spooky and don’t seem to be eating much, though we’ve had temperatures more like April than June—but I think we may have hit critical mass with these two new ones: the fish generally race now between the pump (depth) and the shallower waterlily clump. But they ARE moving, and are getting restless. This is much more normal behavior, instead of huddling close in cover. Now they’re making forays out to explore, and have established a second ‘safe place’ to go to. This is good.

We have also gotten the water clear as drinking water—I got clever and ordered 10 feet of HVAC blue-white filter that is meant to filter air. THIS gets the pollen that was clouding the water. (Pine and cedar, we think.)

Anyway, we did observe them eating a bit. I’ve also ordered some special food—silkworm husks, probably silkworm remains, which are now being sold commercially by Hikari (food). This is a staple of koi diets in Japan, and they are generally very highly colored.