I’d told Jane that side wall was bowing.

Turns out it wasn’t the faucets or pipe, after we cut a 4′ x 2′ hole in Jane’s closet to find out. It was the inbuilt metal soapdish, and we now have a 3’x1′ hole in the tile/wallboard above the tub rim. Sigh. The wallboard behind was soaked, the tiles were indeed bowing with the swelling of the saturated wallboard, we had mold, and it was a gruesome mess.
Now we have a garbage bag taped to the tilework until we can fix this.

And the faucets don’t come apart in the usual way and I suggested to Jane finally—we call the plumber. We have the new faucets. We have the access. We’re facing partially retiling a tub enclosure wall…never done tile before. We are ex-hausted from the lawnwork and the housework and the work-work. So I strongly urged Jane we should call the plumber; and we did—because this house has no tub water cutoff: we have to use the main cutoff, and if we have a problem, this house has only one bathroom, and that’s just too grim.

So the plumber is coming tomorrow noon-to-2, and we are getting it done. It’ll cost, but we’ll have—ahem!—accommodation AND tub/shower done by suppertime.