Chicken with sweet potato
peel and dice 1 large sweet potato per person
dice pre-cooked chicken
line pan with foil
425 oven
mix all ingredients with olive oil and tbs curry powder of your choice. I use McCormick’s. Or vindaloo. Or…
Cook semi-covered for 20 min

Chicken mushroom white pasta
6 big crimini mushrooms sliced.
Garlic 1 T.
Pre-done chicken bits
Enough pasta—spaghetti, fettucini, farfalle, take your pick.
in skillet, real butter and olive oil: mushrooms and chicken, with little dusting of nutmeg, very slight.
cook about 10-20 minutes until browning.
Add Classico white alfredo sauce or heavy cream, cook till warm,
serve over pasta with grated parmesan.