It’s been a long day—doc’s appt at 8 am, they sent my prescription to the old pharmacy, not the new one, and we are about to track that down—ear problems. Being dizzy for two months is a pita.

But the great news is, we have 6 koi. They’re about 3″ long in the body (finnage varies) and we were able to get both a shortfin gold ogon and a platinum butterfly fin, 2 kohaku (orange spots on white, an orange butterfly-fin with white edges, and a—I forget the name: black and white with a red spot on his head — far from show quality, but already with personality. The little gold ogon and one of the kohakus are escape artists supreme—which is good: self-protective.
They are in the pond. We probably won’t see them for weeks. The water is murky in that early spring mode where the algae is abundant but too small to get caught in the filters—the murky tea stage of ponding.

But it’s nice to know they’re out there.