Strong wind from the east, unusual, on a very cold morning, makes the water surface shiver all up and down. It looks cold out there. The lotus pond had frozen yesterday morning. The large pond will lose heat fast with this wind blowing.

We have, several weeks ago, pulled the beautiful viewing bubble we were gifted. It amused the fish greatly. They’d get up in the bubble—koi are curious—and their tails, projecting below it, would steer it about. Foot plus long Ari would get in it from time to time, and the magnification would show this one great, curious eye looking at the world above.

It’ll be safely and warmly stowed in the basement.

We’re trying a new thing on the flooring—online carpenters say to spray the bowed side of the plywood with water —the concave side—and put a weight on it, since the two sides of the plywood tend to dry differently, and if they do, a bow results. So we will see.

I’m off to the opthamology people this morning for a consult.