We took the day and kept at it, arranging rock, washing rock, scooping and pumping muck, and getting the pond about as clear as a 5000 gallon hole in the ground surrounded by trees, plants, and dirt can be.

I decided to revert to automation, in this instance, and connected the autotopoff, aka horse tank water level fixer, so by morning we should be on our way to having a full pond.

There is more to do: I have to wash out the filter boxes and the filters, add bacteria, add chlorine remover, add buffer, but our two pumps will be running to help those processes along.

When will there be fish, you ask. The temperature is running about 48 degrees, but the sun and the two pumps will add a bit to that. We’ll have to ask our koi place what temperature their fish are in, because we don’t want to stress them. We have to toss all our adult koi kibble (sob) and go over to baby koi food (the difference is size) aand then we can start thinking about baby fishes. I want one of Ari’s type, yamabuki ogon, and one of Maddy’s, which is a platinum butterfly fin; and we’ll want an orange one for Jane and a type which is rather hard to describe, but it has bluish sides and largish scales. Maybe a black one, and (for my vote) an orange-white spotted, because Renji was one of my favorites, the class clown. We’re not going to overload the pond. Give them room to grow fast so we can take the damn netting off sooner. It’s such a pain with the waterlilies and dragonflies.