She has spent 3 days on what should have been a simple light take-down, put-up, connecting to same wires, screw to toggle bolts in ceiling, no problems.
She has solved: 1) no power in garage…breaker replacement, switch re-do, 3 hours with bare hands in freezing cold.
2) antique basement wiring turns out to involve current-carrying white wire (ain’t s’posed to!—except—when returning from switch, apparently!) and a general mess. Seems when you wire a concrete basement that’s been finished, you come down from overhead for wall sockets, and we have a mess that has been worked on several times, starting with fiber-encased house wire, and graduating to more modern stuff)—if not for a multitester and things we didn’t believe when Jane tested them, we’d still be at it: read—3 days mostly on a ladder working overhead, and multiple installs. Multiple trips to hardware stores, various, and now an order in for some pieces to refurb a pair of never-used 1980’s halogen wall sconces into a modern pair of wall sconces, plus installing an intermediate line past wall studs on the stairway. Jane has figured out how to do this by carrying the line outside the wall behind a decorative molding and then going behind the wall to install the sconce, thus obviating a major destruction of all the sheetrock lining the stairs to the basement. Our source for the spare halogen bits is a company called Harrington, which seems to stock about everything electrical you would have need of. Including the bulbs. So essentially we’re gutting the old fixtures and installing new insulators and circuit, to take a more modern (and safer wattage) halogen.

Jane was so sore by yesterday evening she could hardly walk straight, and is spending the day in bed.