Jane got it. I don’t know how, but she got it. Now we have to clear the water-logged snow in the driveway. Freedom is in sight.

Meanwhile I used our local grocery’s delivery service and was pleasantly surprised. 7.00 flat fee, and I ordered a hundred dollars worth of staples and fresh veggies. To heck with these online recipe offerings (which I hear don’t always pan out, pardon pun). Our grocery folk picked primo veggies, no culls, and we’re set for some nice fresh stuff after two weeks on pasta.

There were surprises. I thought I ordered 2 large mayo jars. What came were minis. Got to read more carefully.
The chopped garlic could supply the US Army. That jar was large.
And two of the items were out of stock, at which point I learned you can find a recipe for anything on the internet. I googled ‘chicken sweet potato’ —which is what I have; and stirred up a lot of recipes I’d never have thought of. I’m going to do that with the rest of the lot. It’s as good as a meal service: you order ‘what they’ve got’ and look up recipes for what arrives.

This is going to turn into a baked curry-spiced diced sweet potato chicken thing, maybe with cauliflower on the side. You dice raw sweet potato, add diced chicken and curry spice, stir with olive oil, bake 15 min, stir, bake 15 more at 425. And they show it with broccoli. I have cauliflower. I’ll make do with a cauliflower steam-bake with parmesan cheese.